Deadpool #3 Early

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The Good  

Someone kidnap Tony Moore and force him to never leave this book. Okay, don't actually kidnap him, but it would be fantastic if he stays on this title for as long as possible. His work is a beyond perfect fit for Wade's gory and offbeat world. My eyes were in heaven as Wilson was impaled and zombie Presidents were riddled with bullets, especially with Val Staples' vivid coloring. There's something to appreciate in literally every single panel. The script is solid, but these visuals drastically bring up DEADPOOL's quality. Who thought Deadpool could look so good? 
I was concerned that Deadpool would need to find a way to electrocute all of his foes. Having the same solution for every "boss battle" would be tiring and predictable. Thankfully, Doctor Strange introduces a brand new element to the story and it lets the Mercenary slay the good old fashioned way: with a sword. A glowing sword.  
Stephen Strange might seem like an odd fit for the book, but writers Gerry Duggan and Brian Posehn incorporate him incredibly well. The chemistry between the polar opposite characters was great and, while one might think he'd slow the stream of laughter, he brings his own style of humor that fits perfectly. I never thought I'd hear Strange mutter "Tricks are for prostitutes," but there it is.
Not every joke is going to connect with you, but a vast majority did for me. It comes as no surprise since both writers are comedians, but it's worth commending because the script is exceptionally sharp and, while it's mostly lowbrow (come on, it's Deadpool), the banter does manage to cover a huge range of topics. There's at least one thing in here that's sure to make you crack a smile.  
The action in the series has been a mighty portion of fun and issue 3 doesn't let up. Tony's art makes the sequences look amazing and the content is energetic. From George Washington getting slugged in the face to field goal kicking a car with Deadpool trapped inside, there's a lot of love when it comes to these fights.  
Well, it looks like Benjamin Franklin really is there. I thought maybe this was just Deadpool being crazy, but Doctor Strange acknowledged his presence. I'm happy with this development because I was never a fan of Deadpool being too over-the-top when it comes to his mental well-being. 

I was pleased to see the book take a remotely serious turn for a moment as Deadpool (unexpectedly) showed some depth and opened up about his true feelings. Although, before we could grab him a tissue for those tears, he went back to cracking jokes. In all seriousness though, I love it when Wade opens up and I really appreciate moments like that. I sincerely hope there's more of that to come. Also, does anyone else think the dentist is Rick Remender? The place is called "Dr. Rick's" and it looks just like him!

The Bad 

Doctor Strange's remarks felt out of character, but that hardly mattered because they were hilarious.

The Verdict 

The plot remains very straight forward and that's hardly a bad thing. It's clear this story's objective is to win us over with big laughs and even bigger action, and so far it is absolutely succeeding in that regard. I'm adoring this series, but I'm really excited to see what the comedic duo has up their sleeve for the next and allegedly darker story. They've proven they can make Deadpool kick-ass and make me laugh, but I'm curious to see how well they'll develop him and dive into his internal dilemmas. In the meantime, this is a must read if you're a fan of the Merc with a Mouth.

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