matkrenz's Deadpool #29 - I'm Your Man Conclusion review

Seriosuly that's what he brought ?

Issue 29 of Deadpool. 
The Story :In the final issue of this arc we find out that Doctor.Bong was using the clone's to get weapon's from the black market to sell them back to them to get more cash from them.So Deadpool and the Secret Avengers decide to go stop him with Deadpool being the planner since he knows Dr.Bong the most and stops at some place to get some supplie's.And after the adventure Steve says that Deadpool is a hero (tough he hate's to admit it).And Deadpool set's off fireworks. 
The Good :This issue has ton's of funny moment's especially between Deadpool and Black Widow.Also seeing Steve Roger's miserable is always enjoyable even tough I really like him in the actual Secret Avenger's book.And the art for Deadpool and Dr.Bong and everything else is good as always. 
The Bad :I still did not like the art on Steve,Moon Knight and Black Widow.It feels way to different from how Deodato Jr draws them.Also Im starting to get bored with this series,I have no idea why but I am and I might drop it until a different writer come's on if Marvel editorial decide's to get rid of Daniel Way. 
The Verdict :This issue was pretty good with great laughs and good art.To me the end was kinda week but to anybody that started with this arc they wont mind it.This is a buy.


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