the_lobster_'s Deadpool #26 - Sinner-Sinner, Chicken Dinner review

Hold The Phone, and the Mayo!!!

Okay I know I said I was done with this series after the horrible "Weasel in Las Vegas Arc" but then I heard all the reviews. Most of them being positive. I figured, what the hell, at least the artwork will be good right? Well Yes...the artwork is still awesome, Carlo Barberi continues to pull in awesome artwork monthly and I give him props for that. 
Now the writing, well a few things seemed off with this issue.... Where was the Mercenary Work in which he met Copycat? In here he was a kid who was picked up by the CIA or FBI or something like that and trained to be a killer and worked for them till he found out he had cancer, then his boss tells him about Weapon X.....okay....I thought Garrison Kane told Deadpool about the Weapon X program, so where was he? Correct me if I'm wrong about those two things though.  Also I haven't read Ghost rider in a long time, but isn't Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch now partners and working side by side with each other, so where's the other Ghost Rider?
But I'd like to say that I liked Ghost Rider in this issue, it was a nice guest appearance and his conversation with Deadpool was pretty cool in this issue. 
Overall it has it's ups and downs, but Daniel Way seems to have missed things. It almost seems like he just skimmed through some of Joe Kelly's stuff and then figured he knew everything he needed to know. This issue isn't as bad as that last arc (yikes) but it's not great either. If it wasn't for Deadpool's interaction with The Ghost Rider and the awesome way he takes Ghost Rider down, plus the artwork it wouldn't have been as good.

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