matkrenz's Deadpool #26 - Sinner-Sinner, Chicken Dinner review

Well Way better keep it up.

The latest Deadpool issue written by Daniel Way. 

The Story :

Deadpool quits his job of being the protector of Vegas.Then Ghost Rider takes DP on ride before using the Penance Stare to kill him for good.Instead we get a flashback to his days as a mercenary and when he got into Departement K when he found out he had 34 tumors.Then after the the flashback he goes back to town with Johnny after he fixed his motorcycle. 

The Good :

Daniel Way should really bring serious Deadpool more often because as much is it fun to see comedic Deadpool but having him serious stories with him.And it's good to give some of his backstory to those that don't know but want to know it without hunting down all the backissues.And the art is still great. 

The Bad :

Not much comedi but it's not a big deal. 

The Verdict :It's a really good issue to jump on if you want to read Deadpool,since it gives his backstory and shows a more serious side of him that Daniel Way should really show more often.


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    Daniel Way continues to surprise me 0

    I think Daniel Way has listened to some of the criticisms he has received over the last two years. For a while his book seemed to pander and not get anything done. Deadpool had no sense of through line nor did Way acknowledge a lot of his previous mythos.  This is far from the truth for issue 26. We see some of the events leading up to Wade Wilson becoming Deadpool. His diagnosis of cancer and decision to join the Weapon X program.  Also what i really liked is you see Deadpool's deeper side too....

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