abnormally_warm_guy's Deadpool #26 - Sinner-Sinner, Chicken Dinner review

Daniel Way continues to surprise me

I think Daniel Way has listened to some of the criticisms he has received over the last two years. For a while his book seemed to pander and not get anything done. Deadpool had no sense of through line nor did Way acknowledge a lot of his previous mythos.
This is far from the truth for issue 26. We see some of the events leading up to Wade Wilson becoming Deadpool. His diagnosis of cancer and decision to join the Weapon X program.
Also what i really liked is you see Deadpool's deeper side too. A very certain question he asks Ghost Rider really pulled at my heart strings.
All of this and the art is very nice to look at. I honestly enjoy it very much.
I hope Way continues this trend. I am quickly becoming a fan (something I never saw coming before he started this book).

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Posted by Trodorne

I like this issue as well. and from what they show in his past he seems to be american. not canadian like what they say on the marvel website. but its good to clean up some clarity in this series. and make it more serious the way it was before.

Posted by Abnormally Warm Guy
@Trodorne: Whoa there, people get mad when you say he's American. I've said it for years. Kelly and Necezica obviously were hinting at it.
Also Team up gives further proof... no one wants to read between the lines though. Everyone wants it spelled out for them.
Posted by Trodorne

Its funny cause Weapon X was created by Department K of the canadian government, based on old WW2 research from a nazi scientist. so the idea was to endow canadian soldiers with mutant like powers and have a team that would later become alpha flight. so if that is they case why would they take in americans into the program. i think the late 90's skewered that information as they seem to dislike the idea of united states not knowing of a secret program.

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