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Deadpool #25


One thing you can say about this run on Deadpool is that it’s not been predictable and this book is no exception. The book’s opens with a surprise, especially considering how it ended last issue. Even if it does very quickly take the turn that we were all no doubt expecting, I like it when books throw you off right at the beginning, especially for a book with a tone like this.

Since “The Good the Bad and the Ugly”, Deadpool’s taken an even more violent turn both as a character and as a series. That comes to a head this issue, with the inevitable clash with Crossbones. The fight, and all its interruptions, is hilarious and bloody at the same time and takes up pretty much the whole issue. Poor Crossbones takes a real beating both physically and mentally. This is primarily driven by the newly born and blood thirsty “Head-Preston”, who pushes Wade to new levels of excess. It’s actually quite sad to see Deadpool’s craziness corrupt one of the few anchors he has in life.

Gormans attempts to interrupt the brawl lead to his ignoble end, and although I’m not a big fan of murdering the villain, I make an exception when it’s hilarious. Speaking of Funny moments the cameo with Sabretooth had me guffawing aloud.

Fighting aside, the issue had some real heart; it’s something Posehn and Duggan have done really well throughout their run. We see that Deadpool still feels vulnerable after North Korea and without Preston he’s lost his way. It’s quite apt that he now has an axe crazy version of Preston in his head because it gives us a literal manifestation of the guilt feels for ruining his “daughters” life. Giving a character like Deadpool some pathos makes the zany over the top comedy more acceptable.


I didn’t really have any problems with the issue. If anything and it’s a minor gripe I’d probably complain that this is an odd place to launch an All New Marvel Now title. It feels like the conclusion of the “Preston Arc” and not the beginning of a new one, so putting a one on there just seems odd to me.


All in all this was a fantastic issue and end to the “Preston Saga”. The issue kept all the Deadpool hallmarks while embracing the dark turn that the series has taken of recent. I’m unclear on what direction this books going to take. This would normally be a bad thing but I feel that with Deadpool you want the unexpected.


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