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Deadpool gets hold of a briefcase containing information concerning Tolliver's will. Possession is short-lived when Black Tom and the Juggernaut enter the fray. Another caution for Deadpool: Nyko Halfghanaghan is looking for some payback and hires the Executive Elite to take him out. And others are looking to close in on Deadpool: Copycat, Sluggo, Kane, and Slayback all want a piece of the action.


A man named Gezdbadah tries to shake his pursuers in the streets of Cairo. He gets shot in the knee, however, and must confront the mercenaries trying to get a hold of his briefcase. Fortunately, Deadpool comes to his aid. After taking out the mercenaries, Deadpool turns on Gezdbadah and demands to know what's in the briefcase. He learns that there is a disc inside that holds information about the end game for Tolliver's will - rights to the most powerful weapon on Earth. Before Deadpool can secure the case, the Juggernaut knocks a building down and Black Tom Cassiday blasts Deadpool in the back of the head. Black Tom then begins questioning Gezdbadah a little more about the will.

In New Jersey, Sluggo approaches the home of Dorothy Carlysle, mother to Copycat. He asks if Copycat has been around and Dorothy has to admit that it's been years since she's seen her daughter. Sluggo begins to leave when a noose lands around his neck. Copycat pulls him atop the roof. Sluggo tells her that she's linked to Tolliver's will since she and Deadpool were so close. Not only that, but Deadpool has been framed for Foley's death (he was the assistant to Mr. Tolliver). Taking Sluggo's keys, Copycat throws him through her mother's roof and leaves to take part in the hunt for Tolliver's will, hoping she'll become the most powerful person in the world.

Courier arrives in India and meets with Mr. Bashur. Disposing of pleasantries, Bashur hears about Nyko Halfghanaghan's desire for revenge concerning his brother's death. Bashur also receives a disc that holds information on Tolliver's will. He arranges for his team, the Executive Elite, to take Deadpool down and claim the will's spoils.

Wanting the briefcase back, Deadpool has Weasel figure out which plane the Juggernaut and Black Tom have boarded. He barely catches the landing gear before the plane takes off. Inside the cabin, Deadpool confronts the two thugs. Black Tom gets the upper hand and blasts Deadpool. Once sufficiently healed, Deadpool blasts the plane's door off. Black Tom gets sucked out and Deadpool lassos him. He tells Juggernaut that he'll spare Black Tom for the case. The Juggernaut hands it over easily. Deadpool let's Black Tom go, as in, he let's Black Tom plummet to the earth. Juggernaut leaps from the plane in hopes to save his friend. With the briefcase firmly in hand, Deadpool announces that the plane is officially hijacked.

Off in Maine, Garrison Kane comes home for some rest. Unfortunately, Slayback is there waiting for him. He's looking for their mutual friend Deadpool and expects a little help from Kane.

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