jamesewelch's Deadpool #18 - Want You To Want Me: Part 4: You Have the Right Not To Be Killed review

Deapool's a freaking genius, again

The thing that I enjoy reading the most about Deadpool is how his zany and somewhat crazy ideas actually turn out to be a perfect strategy. It's just that none of the other characters (or even myself as a reader) can see the big picture as the story progress. His outragous plots seem to be crazy, but he's just a strategic genius that's often overlooked.
Over the last comics, Deadpool has wanted to sign up to become an X-Man. He even made his own costume and a pancake breakfast for his assigned X-Men mentor/watcher (Domino). He is there to fix the X-Men's publicity nightmare caused by a Norman Osborn scheme to use the father of an X-Man (Mercury) who's on Utopia. Mercury's father has been insisting that Cyclops and the X-Men are keeping his daughter against her will and that they've kidnapped her. He's fighting for his right to see and protect his daughter, at least that's how the Osborn wants the story to go.
Of course, Deadpool has an answer to fix the X-Men publicity problem. One that nobody else understands until it's too late. His plan required that none of the X-Men knew what he was doing, otherwise, it probably wouldn't have worked. In the end, his plan is executed flawless and the X-Men regained some of their trust.

It's this reason why I'm buy this comic. I'm hoping that Daniel Way keeps up his brilliant writing as Deadpool continues a year of trying to be a hero. Next month, Deadpool will be seeking Spider-Man out to become Spidey's sidekick.

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    How should I review this I mean I wasn't much for this story arc when it began, I don't know why I just didn't much care for the idea of DP being an X-Man. But the art and writing are still epic Medina and Way do a great job of showing DP's personality both art wise and writing. Now the story it's self was a nice conclusion which I felt had been lacking for awhile, it was nice too see that behind DP's madness there is a plan somewhat at least. Which it is noce too see Osborn back in the picture ...

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