jamesewelch's Deadpool #17 - Want You To Want Me: Part 3: The Revolution Will Be Televised review

Deadpool fired as X-Men's spokesman

In the last issue, Deadpool sorta joined the X-Men - not that any of the X-Men wanted him to, but that they believed it was safer than letting Deadpool loose on the streets. In this issue, Deadpool tackles one of the X-Men's current problems, but opts for his own approach without warning the rest of the team what he's up to. Of course, Deadpool and the X-Men don't see eye-to-eye on the best approach. All the while, Norman Osborn is sitting back watching Deadpool's antics unfold on live television and further embarrass the X-Men. Finally, Cyclops sends in Wolverine to take care of Deadpool, but... well you'll need to see how he gets out of this one.
Overall, I think this is a well written comic book that fits in nicely with Deadpool series. It feels like it's written for the Deadpool fan's complete with chickens, roofies, and Domino inviting Deadpool back to her hotel room... only if there were more pancakes, then it could have been a perfect 5.0.


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