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Deadpool is turned away by Cyclops. But as Dagger explains; he's just looking for a place where he could feel wanted much like all the other mutants were who apart of the X-Men. Considering them hypocrits, he decides to head home. After Cyclops finds out that a certain Mr. Kincaid (Mercury's father) is 'in the pocket' of Osborn's pocket, he decides to take matters into his own hands and send out Archangel's legal team to resolve the situation. In another matter, Cyclops and Wolverine ask Domino to keep an eye on Deadpool and invite him to join the X-Men. On a rooftop, Domino confronts Deadpool, who ignores her until she admits she's there to offer him a part in the X-Men. In disbalief - he turns a gun on her, saying that she is here to kill him. Getting her to step back onto a cracked rooftop window, he shoots the weak glass beneath her and she falls down into a pile of 372, 844 pancakes. Sharing the pancakes not long after, he explained how he knew all along that she wasn't here to kill him, due to the fact that no back-up crew came to help Domino. Reporting back to Cyclops, Domino explains the situation and that Deadpool would join on one condition... he gets to wear his own home-made uniform. Cyclops agrees and Deadpool is in! Seeing Mr. Kincaid on the TV, Deadpool asks who he is and Domino explains that Cyclops is already dealing with it, but Deadpool has his own plan... ASSASSINATION!"

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A solid filler issue 0

This issue needed to be. It hit critical plot points for the arc. That being said I wasn't wowed. It wasn't particularly funny and reading this just didn't sit right.  Issue 15 is easily my favorite issue (in years). I enjoyed the artwork and the way foreshadowing this issue presented.  It also dealt with Deadpool being an "X-man" in a way I could accept. Way handled that well....

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No Way?!? Waayyyyyy 0

 This series is slowly becoming one of my favorite on the press right now. I mean after i finish reading things like Batman, Dark Reign, & Others at the end of the day when i come back from a hard day at my Job, it's nice to sit down open a book, and just smile,laugh, and occasionally if not very often break out into spasms of uncontrolled laughter. This comic is very intresting, it's not the usually funny Deadpool ( which is ok). It's a more serious comic ( never thought i'd associate that...

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not as funny, but still a good read 0

Its true, this issue is not as light-hearted as other issues but its for a good reason  Deadpool wants in the X-men they don't want him but they don't really not want him Its a fun story, and i'm not going to give away anymore  Have fun reading this one, its great...

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