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The issue kicks off in the Hellhouse. Zoe is there, continuing to keep tabs on Mary so she doesn't mess with Deadpool. To further her goal, Zoe wants LL & L to prep a bodyslide for the last known location of Siryn, hoping she'll find Deadpool there.

Meanwhile, Deadpool is combing the countryside with his buddy Weasel, looking for Siryn (who is in the midwest with X-Force). They don't find her. They do find T-Ray and he's angry. They prepare to battle, but Zoe appears and tells him not to fight with T-Ray because he will lose, for it will push him over the edge mentally (he's been under a lot fo strain recently). Deadpool argues that he is fine and T-Ray is his problem, not hers . He decides to leave with her anyway because she may know where Siryn is.   
After a talk with Al, Deadpool smells a foreign scent in his headquarters (which is strictly forbidden). He goes ballistic. Al calms him down with a slap to the face. He leaves to go find Siryn.
He finds her and Warpath (who's not too fond of Deadpool) at the Field of Dreams ballpark. Warpath is very combative. They get into a fight, which doesn't please Siryn. She asks him to leave. He tries to explain, but she won't listen. Remembering how Al slapping him made him think clearer, he almost slaps Siryn but doesn't. She storms off.

Deadpool returns to the basball field later that night, drunk and depressed. Siryn returns and confesses that she also needs and loves him. The issue ends with Deadpool getting all around the bases while staying on home base.

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