super_man_23's Deadpool #11 - Dare to Be Deviled review

Deadpool 11

Deadpool continues to kill people that made a deal with Vetis, plus Daredevil appearance!

The Good

Conversations like this is one of the reasons why this DP series is superior.

Brian Posehn and Gerry Duggan are doing a fantastic job with this series! They have had their ups-and-downs with this series, but this eleventh issue has that perfect blend of violence and comedy to fit Deadpool's character. In this issue, we see Deadpool continuing his one-man mission to kill the poor saps that made a deal with the devil [Vetis] and the state of Michael's soul after Deadpool killed him, plus Daredevil!

Daredevil's appearance in this issue was, unusual, however I liked the dialogue and the fight between DP and DD. An example of some of the humor in this issue is with the last conversation between Daredevil and Deadpool. DP was beaten by DD and asked where the nearest hospital was, DD replied and DP then shot a random citizen ultimately telling him there was a hospital nearby. Tiny bits of conversation like that make this series great, because it is simple yet executed masterfully by the writers.

This issue was also well paced. The writers never dwelled on one thing for far too long and this issue did not feel dragged out. From start to finish, Brian Posenhn and Gerry Duggan supplied readers with comedy and violence that helped them tell an amazing story and keep readers laughing with every page.

The artwork by Mike Hawthorne with colors by Val Staples is outstanding. The art style of Hawthorne compliments this Deadpool title by making the series look more comedic, or cartoony, than earlier titles. The colors by Staples helps meet this goal.

The Bad

If I did have to complain about one thing, it'd be Daredevil. Though I thoroughly enjoyed seeing him fight Deadpool and the conversation between the two, I could not help but think that his appearance was somewhat forced. I mean, DD's territory is in Hell's Kitchen and there was not enough dialogue between the two characters that explained what Daredevil was doing in Times Square. Other than that, I really liked the issue.

The Verdict

Overall buy this series! You have nothing to lose when you read this title. The writers and artist really give it 110% when they work on a DP issue and that is enough to get you on the Deadpool bandwagon. Overall 5 out of 5.

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