sir_kyle's Deadpool #10 - Bullseye, Part 1: The Shaft review

A Killer Is Still A Killer

This issue of Deadpool is one of my favorites. We really see who Deadpool is. While yes he's a funny, overly witty dude he's still a killer. It's who he is and it's what he does. Daniel Way’s writing really came through this issue. 

The only thing I had a problem with is we don’t find out (at least in this issue) who “Tanya Patterson” is and why Deadpool killed Gavin. Did she hire him to? I mean he was putting his name on Craig’s List. We may never know. 

I especially like the end… classic. Paco Medina’s pencils and Marte Gracia’s colors really complement each other, and just wrap up this comic beautifully. 4.5 outta 5.


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    Review:  My first comic of Deadpool and it was awesome. Pissing off Osborn during an interview was just hilarious, hired to kill a pizza boy for humiliating a woman (who is now miserable because of him) that said something negetive about her, and the battle between Deadpool and Bullseye was sweet. A shoot to the head by Bullseyes arrow ended the fight, but I'm sure Deadpool is still alive. Nuff said, pick this up, you'll have a good time....

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    The issue starts with an art imitating life situation. A popular leader ( Norman Osbourne ) suggests that he wants healthy debate, but then refuses to do an interview if he isn't asked his pre approved soft ball questions that will help him push his agenda.   Heck, he should have gone to ABC. They would have given him his own infomercial on Sunday night.    Unlike in real life however, opposition rears its head during the broadcast in the form of Deadpool. Norman of course does not like this so ...

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