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A Skrull ship lands at a baseball game and they think that there is another alien which actually is a game mascott. They surround it and shoot it but it is revealed that Deadpool is behind the mask. He quickly takes care of the Skrulls but more of them are already arriving. A cannon from a ship blasts the suit but it is empty. They wonder where Deadpool is before realizing that he is on top of the ship. A Super Skrull is sent out to kill him but he is able to blow up the ship. Then he easily takes care of the Super Skrull but allows himself to be captured and taken to the leader. The issue ends with Deadpool saying, "Ready for duty sir!"

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Pure Escapism 0

There is not one bit of story to get in the way of this plot. This book is absolute non stop action comedy. As a first issue, well ... if it was not for the pages and pages of back up origin story, you would have no intro to the character what so ever. Also, that is the only real story in the book.  That said, on the basis of pure escapism, this issue works wonders.  It is funny and exciting, and a really cool, if not particularly important chapter to the Secret Invasion....

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Deadpool 1 0

As much as I hate disagreeing with my good buddy, inferiorego, I must confess that I was really quite disappointed in this issue.  I'm not a big Cable fan and I hadn't read any of the early Deadpool series, but from what I had heard, I liked the idea of the unhinged, possibly schizophrenic hitman, with the inner dialogues and hallucinogenic visions.  I quite liked his tussle with Wolvie in Wolverine Origins.  But there, as here, my worst fears were confirmed regarding writer Daniel Way.  Now it'...

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