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In Brian Posehn and Gerry Dugan we trust!


I picked up this issue because of the review. I've never been the biggest Deadpool fan but after reading the reviews for this I decided to pick it up. I probably won't have enough money for the whole series but I may stay around for the first story arc. Note: I will style this review differently to most of my reviews.


Dead Presidents are being brought back to life by a Necromancer who believes that America needs them again. Captain America tries to stop this, but Harry S Truman is brought back and Captain America ends up knocking off his head, this gives bad PR. Shield decides to get a Super Hero who isn't an Avenger to finish the job, they pick Deadpool after he has a fight with Deadzilla and then Franklin D Roosevelt and he's hired for the Job.

The Good

As I said I've never been a huge Deadpool fan, I sometimes found him to be really annoying and the only version I liked was Rick Remender's Uncanny X-force version but this version I love! I never liked the two voices in his head and it could sometimes get confusing, but I liked him not having the two voices and in this one there is no internal Monologue, it's just Deadpool cracking Jokes left right and centre and it's really funny. This issue is a lot of light-hearted fun, the whole premise of Dead Presidents is pretty silly and that's not a problem because Deadpool was always pretty silly. This story in my opinion goes so well with the character - silly character, silly plot - it fits so well. I also liked Deadpool's team-up! It wasn't very long but it was great to see him teaming up with Thor and some of the jokes were pretty funny. Because Deadpool works for Shield now he needs someone to control him and watch over him. We get a new character Agent Preston, who is a very depressed Shield agent, who doesn't believe in herself. She's a fairly silly character and fits well with the silly tone of the book. We also get a great fight scene in this book which is between Deadpool and FDR it's very fun to see and shows how powerful these Presidents are. This fight also shows the limits of Deadpool's healing factor (how he got it back I don't know) because he gets really beaten up. This issue ends with the appearance of the rest of the Presidents and their little hideout. The art, well I haven't seem much stuff by Tony Moore, but I'm impressed his art really works well with the feeling of the book and I love the little details he puts on characters (especially JFK) and I think he will do really well with the series.

The bad

Nothing great issue and a whole load of fun.

The verdict

This issue was a real surprise while the idea of undead Presidents may not appeal to everyone, I really liked it and thought it really fitted the whole idea of Deadpool. This issue is highly recommended and I think this series will do really well.

Looking forward to issue two!

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

Brilliant review. Agree with you on totally. I personally used to like the Deadpool voices but agree they could be confusing as they weren't always written well. The removal of the voices howevr didn't hinder the issue and I would rather this quality in the future without the voices than a bad quality story with.

Posted by broo1232

Thanks! My only real problem with the voices was they could get confusing.

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