johnkmccubbin91's Deadly Class #1 review

Deadly Class #1 Review

Remender takes a very serious story about a kid who's homeless for the better part of a year, and turns it into a story featuring a school training kids to become assassins. Now you'd think that the later part would be the best part of the issue, and although this may be the case for the series future, it was the realistic nature of Marcus' time on the streets that interested me the most, with Remender making Marcus a very likeable and relatable character. Remender also added a lot of excitement to this issue as well, with the later half being very explosive.

Wes Craig's artwork was simply outstanding, with the layouts giving a lot of depth and tone to Remender's script. Craig also showed the pure essence of the story brilliantly, with his art making you feel more for Marcus, with it being clear just what he’s feeling. The best part about Craig’s artwork (besides the layouts) was the way he handled the action throughout the second half, as he managed to show the panic feeling that Marcus had whilst also showing the intense nature of the situation he was in. On top of this Lee Loughridge’s colours were also fantastic, giving the perfect overtone and finish to both the story and the art.

Check out my full review at Imagination Centre.

Posted by Samimista

Am glad to see a review of this! Really am hyped for the next issue. I just love how realistic this is yet, contains supernatural elements such as the assassins. Nice review like always mate. ^___^

Edited by johnkmccubbin91

@samimista: I agree and I have a feeling this could become one of my favourite series.

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

I halfway done reading this... it seems interesting.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91
Posted by MadeinBangladesh

@johnkmccubbin91: I liked it. Would give it 8/10. This is the first Remender book I really enjoyed

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@madeinbangladesh: I also enjoyed Uncanny X-Force and am currently enjoying Uncanny Avengers (though there's been the odd bad moment).

Edited by MadeinBangladesh

@johnkmccubbin91: Dropped Uncanny Avengers after #6 and I tried reading Uncanny X-Force from issue one and went through issue 5.... didn't grab really me, but I did read the last arc of Remender's Uncanny X-Force and really enjoyed that. Also, Black Science was another dropper.

Posted by johnkmccubbin91

@madeinbangladesh: Fair enough, each to their own. I personally haven't read Black Science yet but will be giving it a try sometime (whether in individual or trade).

Posted by lykopis

Great write-up -- I especially appreciate how much Remender is putting his real life experiences into this book. I will be getting all the issues, for sure.

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