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I grabbed the trade collection of this series a few years back from the library, reading it blind. It blew my mind. Honestly one of my favorite books I've ever read.  Part of its charm was the lack of conclusion and explanation about the overall story line. The unanswered questions created a much more interesting and mysterious world in my imagination. 
But then I discover that the series ran for something like another 12 issues. What the hell? Did the story get cancelled or did he conclude it? What's up here? 
Has anyone read the rest of this series? I know it's not collected in trade, but the issues are out there somewhere. Is it worth reading? Does the story get better? 
What do I do? What do I do!?

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Sorry, my friend I did not read the books but I will look into it.

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Non deadenders related at all, but i remember reading the Infinity Gauntlet in its entirety when i was really young. Blew my mind too. i love that feeling.

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@asafager: I haven't read it (though I intend to) but I think it was just a case of Vertigo never finishing the collection, I'm pretty sure he concluded it

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