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   The Death Sponsors
Deadair is a member of the Death Sponsors which is a team that works for a pirate network in Mojoworld and led by a Spineless One that steals the airwaves for signal supremacy from Mojo. The team consist of Deadair, Sweep-Zweak, Lead-In, Cancellator and Timeslot. The Death Sponsors are considered the Mergers and Acquisitions Department for that pirate network that has established a solid demographic audience on a counter-programming basis against Mojo with the use of bootleg transmissions. The Death Sponsors easily dispatch a bunch of rebels sent by Mojo to destroy their citadel spire and their competition. The Spineless One informs the Death Sponsors that three potential ratings bonanzas have been left on Earth: the original time-dancer, Spiral, the Fallen Messiah and the geneticist Arize. Any of the three would benefit their network and would help successfully overthrow their network rival, Mojo. The Death Sponsors travel to Earth and decide to go after Arize. Deadair is able to tune into the broadcast signal to Arize's location so Timeslot teleports them to Xavier's Mansion where the X-Men are protecting the Death Sponsor's target. A fierce battle takes place between the two teams and Deadair engages in an aerial fight with Angel. The Death Sponsors appear to gain the upper hand when Sweep-Zweak uses his energy disruption powers to cut off the X-Men's access to their mutant abilities. Timeslot performs a cyberlink which allows him to teleport his teammates through a electronic mind-link but that link is disrupted when Bishop shoots the teleporter during midport. Arize remains on Earth while the rest of the Death Sponsors teleport back to Mojoworld. The current whereabouts of Deadair and the Death Sponsors are unknown.  


Deadair created by Fabian Nicieza and Jae Lee in 1992 and first appeared in Uncanny X-Men Annual # 16. 

Powers & Abilities

Deadair is a demonic looking individual with wings that allow flight. Deadair has enhanced strength, durability and resistance to injury. Deadair can also tune in to any electronic or broadcast signal and feed that information to their teleporter, Timeslot through a wire device from his wrist gauntlet.

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