kfhrfdu_89_76k's Dead Memory #1 - Dead memory review

Not his best.

So this is my 42. CV-review. Or is it? I don`t really...remember...

What I like.

The art is as great as it can be. Accurate, simple drawings with hundreds of details. Black and white is used in a fantastic fashion, to add depressiveness to the world of the story, already depressive. That`s a pretty good way to use black and white. the pics are gigantic, and therefore the story moves quickly.

Marc-Antoine Mathieu (sole creator of the story) writes in his idiosyncratic style, full of satire of the western civilisation and absurd, insane scenes and plot devices. His writing is both sad and funny, and has double meanings. This one sure does have those. It may seem by my description, his writing style isn`t all that different from that of hundreds. Maybe it isn`t. But it feels like that.

The villain of the piece is really cool, even if archetypal. Which is one of the things that can make a character good. Or better.

The pages are big, since this is an album.

There`s mystery in this.

What I don`t like.

There isn`t anything in it that would want me to rate it as a great comic, even if I might read it again some day. The many layered double meanings in the story aren`t so clever (or maybe I don`t understand them `cause I`m dumb). The story is difficult to follow and is boring at times. Certain things feel forced. For example, the walls and the forgetting.

This is expensive for a book that is about 60 pages. Since it is an album. But, if you see it somewhere cheaper, it`s naturally not as expensive.

What I think about getting it.

I don`t think that you should necessarily get it. If you are a Marc-Antoine Mathieu-collector, you should probably get it. If you want to read it but not buy it, you should read it. But don`t steal it. Loan it from a library. Or a friend.

Posted by The Poet

suprised you rate it so high given the stuff you don't like...

Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

@The Poet:

It is, isn`t it?

Might be because I have a different rating system.

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