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At eight, his sister divulged that their father, a southern baptist and Klan member, was responsible for him being crippled. Charles went to the Klan and lied about his father. The Klan came that night and killed both his father and sister while he watched hidden in the closet. At 17, having already killed 16 men, he left Kentucky and moved to New York where he went to work for the mob. Rapidly rising to power, he had the other bosses slaughtered making him the king of New York. As head of the mob and corporate leader, Lexington orchestrated the Green Event by providing false information to Astonishman. After the Green Event, he became the most intelligent man in the world and rallied the other super villains to launch the Day of Annihilation and wipe out most of the heroes that stood in his way. Now, with half the world's villains still following him, he aims to wipe out The End League. Although his body is dead and shriveled, kept alive in a stasis tube, he is still the highest intellect on the planet.

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