silvioislame's DCU Halloween Special '09 #1 - Halloween Special '09 review

Good price, good read.

Yes its true, i'm a sucker for these new 6 buck 80 pages, i mean its just a good deal. 
Luckily, all the ones I've gotten lately have been great, including this one. 
Before you go reading this, remember, this is a light-hearted comic, basically showing your favorite heroes enjoying Halloween. 
Its also really nice to see everyone not in a state of panic all the time, it seems too much these teams of people are overstressed.
(a few stories have a good amount of action, so anyone looking for some action, shouldn't be disappointed) 
For 6 bucks, its a great deal, with a pretty fun read 
Only thing i don't understand is why it wasn't released next week, seeing as thats only 3 days from Halloween

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