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The Deteriorating Duo

Once again, Ryan Sook delivers an excellent cover, though I can't hep but feel this and the previous issue's covers should've been switched. This issue has zombie soldiers, and the previous issue had slightly more manipulation by Tobias Whale.

DC REALLY needs to learn how to avoid needing to do the whole multiple artists thing. It's happening far too frequently, and doesn't seem to happen at Marvel, or at least not nearly as frequently. Rocha's artwork is pretty good, and Pansica's is pretty good, but something about mingling them together seems to dampen the quality of both. Nebrios frequently looks a bit too ridiculous, and the action is generally kind of static and lifeless.

This story started out pretty good, but it's been slipping down a slippery slope. This issue doesn't have the benefit of real world interactions between the headlining duo, in fact some of their interactions are definitely quite odd. Black Lightning was shown to be a very righteous guy, and yet he only puts up minimal resistance to Blue Devil viciously butchering potential victims. Granted they're not completely innocent, but he's not going to even TRY to see if these victims, turned to monsters by Tobias and Nebrios, can be saved?

In Conclusion: 2.5/5

What happened to this story? It began with such promise, but at this point the artwork is inconsistent and only occasionally really good, the characters were fairly dull this issue and demonstrated odd tangents from their usual personalities, and nothing really made this stand out. There was so-so violence and weirdness and nothing else, really.

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