the_mighty_monarch's DC Universe Presents #10 - Savage, Part Two: Father's Day Out review

Daddy Night Care

Ryan Sook is an amazing cover artist. Few other artists have done as many covers and been as consistently great as Ryan Sook. Dustin Nguyen for sure. Probably Jock. Anyways, this one's fantastic. The killer in the alleyway, claws slicing through the wall all the way to the background, the little bit of details in the buildings in the back, and the epic duality to the images of Vandal Savage and Kass Sage. Sage with her gun up, Savage with his knife down.

James Robinson's still on top of his game with the story, sprinkling in the details of Kass' childhood and Vandal's life as her father into the midst of the investigation. Vandal Savage is fantastic at pushing her buttons, and it's not clear what his overall agenda is here. Either way Kass wants nothing to do with it.

It's interesting to see the possibly mystical methodology Vandal Savage and his copycat use. It's so easy to forget that this is set in the DC Universe, everything is so solidly grounded, that you're left in disbelief of any magic coming from a ritual, but then when you remember it transitions into uncertainty due to the atmosphere. It made it odd when we see the killer and his body is completely off from everyone else. Nothing before that was supernatural at all, but then this guy shows up and I was initially weirded out.

And then it brings up another problem. Did NOBODY notice this obvious psycho? He never showed up anywhere? Nobody saw him ever? And nobody thought to search the obviously creepy abandoned church that was 'just outside the search area' or whatever? I'm not sure I buy that oversight.

In Conclusion: 4/5

The only real problem with this issue is pretty much just that it wasn't the beginning or the middle. Essentially this was the transition between the setup and the climax. Nothing bad, mind you, but not as special as the previous issue.


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