DCU Online To Be Offered For Free

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After what seemed like five straight years of teasing and hype, DC UNIVERSE ONLINE finally launched this past January with a retail price that clocked somewhere between $40 and $50 (depending on which version you picked) and a monthly subscription of around $15. Now, just as the “off-line” DCU’s been evolving with all this New 52 business, so too will the online DCU change as the MMORPG’s official site has just introduced a new “game plan” offering three new ways for the people to shortly be able to play.

Luthor suggest you should try DCU Online now... or else.

Most significantly, the uninitiated will be able to download the game for free and play it without any subscription fees from here on out. It’s real hard to argue with the price of "free." Players choosing the five-buck-a-month “Premium” option will have access to a higher number of character, inventory, auction and bank slots, as well as in-game currency. If you want to continue with the $14.99 monthly subscription fee, you’ll here on out be regarded as a "Legendary" player with significantly higher numbers of the aforementioned slots in your possession, as well as an unlimited amount of currency and text options. You can see how the precise breakdown shakes out here.

Sadly, I don’t have much time to game these days, but this deal makes it a lot harder for me to resist. Have any of you maniacs been playing DCU ONLINE? Are you enticed to, now, if you haven’t already?

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I got the game when it first came out and liked it a lot. When the month was up however, I didn't have the disposable income to commit to the monthly cost. I hope to get back into it in October...if there is time.

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So glad I got the Lifetime membership.... heh. Guess I will be Legendary forever at least.

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I see they couldn't really beat City of Heroes. Could have told you that before they launched. Maybe I might pick this up now.

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I'm going to have more free time than ever before for a while, so I may check this out. Combat looks a little goofy to me though.

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I would be nice to give it a try since it's free.

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About time, guys. Let's see Marvel compete with this now.

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Where do I go to play it?

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LMAO. So glad I procrastinated buying it.

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Gotta keep up competition with the other MMORPGs out there that are offering free membership. I may try it out sometime now that its free. Cool stuff!

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I was in the beta and the game is awesome, and I felt like I was really in the DC universe despite not knowing it that well. I just don't have the free time between working 60+ hours a week, going to grad school, and ice hockey. I'll definitely play some with the free option, maybe even the $5 option.

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Now I feel dumb for buying it...

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So when will I be able to play?

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DC thinks people are still going to pay $15 a month for this game just to have a new "Legendary" status on their character with in-game money and more text options?

Pfftt... bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

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Glad I waited for this day now...

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What about the PS3 version where its a one time fee for it being online? And of course the price of the game itself too.

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I try to limit myself to one MMO (if even that) because I'm a cheap bastard, and it takes away from money I could be spending on comics, but this removed the one hurdle that was keeping me from trying out this game. I'm looking forward to it now.

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@TheMess1428: Yup. Free for PS3 as well.

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I played it for a few months on my PS3, though, I got to lvl 30 and could go no further except make another character under different receptions and get to lvl 30 again. Thinking about going back to it, but first I need a new PS3.

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This is why I waited... awesome!

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@keithmoon316 said:

I got the game when it first came out and liked it a lot. When the month was up however, I didn't have the disposable income to commit to the monthly cost. I hope to get back into it in October...if there is time.

This = Me.

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Lol I kind of like Champions Online better...of course I think Champs is directed toward more of an easy going gamer. I'm not a good gamer and I've been leveling just fine on Champs which makes me happy. BUT I mean....I do have to pay $15 for Champs and DCU would be just $5...Hrm...something I should consider then.

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i never play video games ever, but i might do this just because its free

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I would totally play now that it is free. I have no problem paying for the game i just hate subscription costs

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Have they introduced the ability to play as a Lantern yet? Or have they even brought up that this could be an expansion in the future...how do they promote Green Lantern as a flagship hero but not have the Green Lantern Corp as a class to choose from? There is an argument that their constructs would all be the same, but if they created a leveling up system like the licensed video game they would be able to allow some personalization....that's what I think anyway.

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The game stopped being fun once max level, and it was all kinds of grindy.

Anyone want's to hit me up on CoH i'm @Cap Fallout cause some US ultrab*stard stole Captain from me...

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Have played since launch day 1.

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Never had much need for MMORPG’s but if it is free what the hell I'll give it a shot next month when I have some free time. Sure doesn't seem like very many characters though o.O? are there more characters then the site lists bio-wise? There are only bios for 17 characters but in some of the screenshots I saw characters not listed o.o

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Well I guess I'm finally going to try this out.

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Your info is INCORRECT.  The premium package is NOT $5 per month.  If you have ever spent a minimum of $5 for anything in DCUO then you qualify for Premium.  So, if like me, you purchased the game and stopped playing, you automatically qualify for premium. 
If you sign up for Free and buy anything, expansion pack, extra character slot, whatever, then you upgrade to Premium. 
Almost exactly the same way as City of Heroes Freedom is working

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their MMO is going to be free to play from the get go 
and they're using existing characters not ones you make yourself
#33 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio

I knew if I waited long enough, it'd be free. :)

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This day got better for me. :)

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The Endgame sucks in that game, I'm not going back until that's fixed.

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@Jordanstine said:

DC thinks people are still going to pay $15 a month for this game just to have a new "Legendary" status on their character with in-game money and more text options?

Pfftt... bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

There is a reason free to play works so damn well, people will pay to get things that others don't have.

#38 Posted by Mumbles (858 posts) - - Show Bio

give it about another year before dc closes up shop. fail

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Love this game!!!

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So glad it's moving to free,, I've beeen playig like crazy since the lantern powers came out.Smart move for them with all the big game releases coming.

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Now I will play this game...

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Have pc collecotrs editon .Which atm if you can find for cheep.The bat man statue is neat at least. The game is mroe like playing batman arkham asylum.Plays best with a xbox 360 controller but can be played with keyboard an mouse.ITs very light on the rpg side of the mmorpg.Its light on the costume creation starting out compaired to city of heroes. Its prety tho.But you can feel the console-ish-ness on pc side.

Missions were fun over all.This is not a grind for days game. you can be max level in a week .An thats part of its charm an part of its problems.Im on the station pass so i get this as well as other mmorpgs all for 19.99 Should be at least premium with that maybe legnedary.That parts not clear yet.

Its well worth a download .Tho i wish they did names like champion did them. So expect to not get the exact name you want.Game needs more power sets. For the love of gawd you have a game with super man an no super strength or invul power sets!An end game can become a bore. Think of it more as a action mmo than a mmorpg an you will be happy.

City of Heroes players dont expect it to be a dc version of coh.Champion players dont expect to have the same power flexability.Batman arkham asylum fans you found a new home.

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I figured this would happen with how badly it was handled.
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I'll give it a whirl. My hero will be twice as endowed as Power Girl!! Seriously no, but I'll try the game out.

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Maybe I will give it a try.

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Finally! I've been waiting for this for quite some time :P

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Played it the day it game out and loved it, however I just couldn't justify the renewal as I needed the funds elsewhere, but if there is a free option, I am all over it

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Just got this last week on PS3 looking for people to play with

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