dark_noldor's DC Universe Online Legends #5 - Three Minutes review

Is Fear the Solution?

Back in the present days (with the awesome art of Adriana Melo), Superman, Batman, Flash, Aquaman and the others are struggling against the swarm of nanobots designed and unleashed by Brainiac, that have the single purpose of acquiring data on the meta (how their powers work, their weakness, etc), destroying the WatchTower and then deleting all the heroes - this part of Brainiac´s plan is one of the strongest feats in this series and the fact that the JLA was taken by surprise only makes this story more cool, because the heroes don´t have the vantage point, so they are really in disavantage here, both tactical and in numbers - the best thing about these scenes were Plastic Man´s jokes and the heroes helping each other as a team - In the future, Luthor, Ray Palmer and Dinah are deep undercover in Brainiac´s ship, looking for the prize of the Korugar city, one of the may in the alien´s bottle colection - Luthor´s plan is also the strongest feat in this series and I´m really looking foward to see this growing up - the dialogues between Luthor, Ray and Dinah weren´t the best, a little predictable and always punching the same button: can´t trust Luthor (that´s obvious!), but Mike Miller´s art was a great replacement for poor dialogues. The bad thing is the misleading cover and some dialogues bad writen. I recommend this issue!
4.5 out 5

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