dark_noldor's DC Universe Online Legends #2 - Control review

Smartest Man in the Room

Why do I think this series is great? Because it shows a villain - Lex Luthor - trying to save humanity in order to correct a mistake that he did, which was be aligned with Brainiac. I´m not caring very much about the plot, though it appears to sustain some originality and even some surprises, what I´m really impressed about Bedard´s writing is that he´s showing a Luthor that was fooled, blinded by his hate for Superman, setting up a resistance and yet keeping a lot of secrets and being dishonest about his new allies. This conflict is amazingly writen by Bedard, that at the same time shows a good Luthor (trying to destroy Brainiac) and a bad Luthor (that can´t atone for his mistakes and still hides behind his evil). The story itself was interesting, showing the pieces that Luthor needs to strike Brainiac down, and the dynamics are good too, but perhaps the best was about the present story, before the rise of Brainiac, showing how gullible and idiotic Luthor was to trust in the alien. As contraditory as it seems, I don´t think it was a good idea the fact that Brainiac revealed himself to the heroes (again this is the present story), I don´t think this is a good tactic when you are teaming up in secrecy with a human to create an army of deadly robots. The best about this issue was the art, it´s amazing how Porter and Melo are harmonic, there are times I can´t tell apart who´s who, and this is a beautiful display of spectacular art. This is only number two, but I´m enjoying this series, specially because it focus in Luthor being humanity´s last hope (that´s ironic). Recommended.
4.5 out 5


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