durakken's DC Universe Online Legends #18 - War Zone review

Back to bad writing and story telling

Art - The lines and colors all look crude and rushed. As if the artists just took a little bit more time it would reach average or even better than average, but instead of taking the time they used the preliminary sketches and colors.

Story - You wouldn't think tat a book that has someone over seeing it so heavily could mess up so badly, but with every turn they seem to be messing up on this book. I'm guessing that this issue takes place shortly after the last issues which I presumed happened before the previous issues because in the previous Issues it i shown that Brainiac already captured Korugar... Atom's hand also grew back and the teams are now doing a new plan that that we don't know about cuz they didn't tell us, but they mention the previous issues so those must have happened...

I suppose if you ignore how confused this story telling is over all you might be able to enjoy the constant accusing of Lex and the constant "we're villains" things between Mr. Freeze and Breathtaker (? whoever that is)

Characterization - Terrible as usual... next.

Recommendation - Same as always... if you have read up to this point you might as well read this this, but if not then don't start here and if you read the two previous issues also don't bother.

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