durakken's DC Universe Online Legends #17 - The Brainiac/Sinestro Corps War, Part 2 review

Sinestro fall down and go boom

Art - The art of this book is slightly above average with good consistent lines and plenty of detail on every page and panel. The colors are average and about what I would expect from this book. The colors don't hurt the book, but they also don't help it either.

Story - The continues on and as pointed out this story make little sense within the context of the previous comics unless it took place before the previous issues and they just forgot to tell us. For this arc the story is well done and some interesting concepts are presented, but a lot of it is "That's not how that works" stuff which bugs me, but this is a different universe than the regular DC so I get over it.

Characterization - Hal, Sinestro, and Guy were all in my opinion done well, but I think Kilowog and John Stewart weren't themselves in this. John has shown countless times in the past how he feels about planet wide things and Kilowog has so... I do not believe they would have stayed and formed that barrier around Korugar and watch the Sinestro Corps get obliterated. I would think they'd have went and helped Hal.

Recommendation - If you liked Issue 16 this is a good continuation. Buy it only if you've read i16.

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