dark_noldor's DC Universe Online Legends #1 - Legendary review

I want to conquer the world

This fantastic new series really captivated me for basically two reasons: 1st) the whole concept of how important Superman is for the DC Universe is a great development in the story and the writers really nailed by using this idea with a new format and language - everyone knows the importance of Superman for the DC Universe but the way the writers used this concept in the story was new and refreshing and 2nd) the irony around Luthor as a villain/anti-/hero/patriot is magnificent, because if not for him all of this plot could have been prevented and now, due to his fowl actions, he has to save the world from Brainiac. I didn´t have no interest in reading this mini series at first, because I thought it would be too oriented towards the game, but after I´ve seen a quick preview of the first pages I was completely overwhelmed by this story and changed my mind instantly and I must admit it was a great choice: I´m very happy in buying this series and I think it´s going to be a great item in my collection. I think Wolfman and Bedard write a great Lex Luthor, completely vicious and evil, yet able to surprise everyone with his intellect and some odd choices. The art is very good too: I prefer Howard Porter but it´s amazing how Adriana Melo did a great job with the transition of the art (if you look too quickly you won´t even notice it´s changed the artist from page to page). I´m very excited with this arc story and I hope this apocalypse plot continues to surprise me, showing events from the past and the present.
4.5 out 5

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Posted by Silkcuts

As neat as this series sounds, I can't see myself reading it monthly.

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