g_man's DC Universe Online Legends #1 - Legendary review

Feels Like A Giant "What If?" Story

A comic book based on a video game based on comic books.  

The Good 

If you're looking for an epic story where anything can go, this series looks to deliver that. If you've seen the preview, you know Lex Luthor is victorious over Superman and several other heroes. Lex teamed up with Brainiac to put an end to the heroes he despised. Guess what? Things don't go exactly the way Lex thought they would. Thus begins this 26-issue story. 
The overall comic feels like something true comic book readers might wan to pass on at first. BUT it is written by comic veteran Marv Wolfman along with Tony Bedard. The art is by Howard Porter and Livesay so it clearly isn't a simple throw-away story. Being tied to the video game, you have an idea what the story is. We have a story where anything can go. Heroes and villains have been killed. Is there any way for the heroes to return and for Earth to survive? That's what this series will tell us. 

The Bad 

Even though it does have a good creative team involved, you still get a feel that if you pass on this series, you won't really miss much. I do have some curiosity over how the story will play out. I'm just not sure if I want to invest in a 26-issue series, even if priced at $2.99 an issue. 

The Verdict 

If you're playing DC Universe Online, you'll have an idea about the story. Seeing that story fleshed out by Marv Wolfman, Tony Bedard, Howard Porter and Livesay is something to consider. There is an epic feel from the very first page where we see several of the DC heroes killed. There is an Elseworld or "What If?" feel. The question is do you want to invest in a 26-issue series at $2.99 an issue.
Posted by sora_thekey

Wouldn't it be good to just watch the DCU video rather than buying this! :)

Posted by masterofdarkness

very good and awesome

Posted by JonesDeini

Thank God Now I FINALLY don't have to look at previews for this game in my comics...

Posted by FoxxFireArt

That is pretty damn bold that they are really going to stretch this comic out for 26 months. This almost feels like side event. Something they made for the DC fans who want to know the story, but aren't going to buy the game. It's a nice idea, but it's not as if anything that happens here will ever effect anything in the greater DC Universe. I can't see people buying this over say the latest Brightest Day issues.
I was originally really psyched about this game coming to the PS3, then I heard it's $15 a month just to play it. This is why I don't get into MMORPGs. I can understand charging for DLC, but not just to play the game.

Posted by yeopop

I've seen a sneak peek of this in Wonder Girl's last comic and I didn't like the art. I'm not going to pay a fee to play a game and I prefer to see the impressive trailers they post on Internet. And 3 buck it's too much for so few pages. 
Posted by G-Man
@FoxxFireArt: Guess I forgot to mention, it's bi-weekly. So it'll only be 13 months.
Posted by shawn87

something i would consider picking up as a trade

Posted by polluxdioscuros

I'm getting it. Mainly because I'm totally tired of reading event after event tying in in the "main" continuity, so that's why this "self contained" story is for me.
That, and because I respect Mr. Wolfman.

Posted by harleyquinn12

I'll probably pick this up just for Howard Porter, but I don't know how DC can strech this out for 26 issues.

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