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Feels Like A Giant "What If?" Story 0

A comic book based on a video game based on comic books.   The Good If you're looking for an epic story where anything can go, this series looks to deliver that. If you've seen the preview, you know Lex Luthor is victorious over Superman and several other heroes. Lex teamed up with Brainiac to put an end to the heroes he despised. Guess what? Things don't go exactly the way Lex thought they would. Thus begins this 26-issue story.  The overall comic feels like something true comic book readers mi...

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I want to conquer the world 0

This fantastic new series really captivated me for basically two reasons: 1st) the whole concept of how important Superman is for the DC Universe is a great development in the story and the writers really nailed by using this idea with a new format and language - everyone knows the importance of Superman for the DC Universe but the way the writers used this concept in the story was new and refreshing and 2nd) the irony around Luthor as a villain/anti-/hero/patriot is magnificent, because if not ...

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