super_man_23's DC Universe: Legacies #1 - In the Beginning...; Snapshot: Reflection! review

Dc Universe Legacies: The Golden Age of Heroes!

"I wish you unpleasant dreams Mug. Courtesy of, The Sandman!" - Sandman. The golden age heroes start off Dc Universe Legacies by telling an untold story of, The Justice Society Of America! A new breed of hero emerges from the pits of the second war world. Heroes united to one cause, fighting the good fight! Villains beware, heroes are here to stop you! 

The Good

The JSA is the beginning of the hero error! They are the team that current heroes might and/or used to look up to for guidance and support. With new heroes taking the place of members in the original JSA, it is always good to see the founding members. Joe and Andy Kubert (father and son) did a great job drawing this comic. Pages 3-22 were done perfectly. Writer Len Wein did a terrific job bringing the great heroes of the golden age alive! J.G. Jones' Dr. Fate and Spectre haunt the city was awesome! With myths and legends of both two mysterious heroes. Dc Universe Legacies brings the Golden Age Heroes of yesteryear, to the future that is today!  

The Bad

The story could have been an even amount. Instead of Andy Kubert's being 3-22 pages long, it could have been 11 pages. So that J.G. Jones' Dr. Fate and Spectre could have also had an even amount of 11 pages.   

The Verdict

 Golden Age Heroes In Todays Time. The great artwork, writing, and story was terrific to start anew series. Hopefully, Dc Universe Legacies continues to bring the best stories of old heroes. Overall this is a 4.5 out of 5.  

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