dr_x's DC Universe: Legacies #1 - In the Beginning...; Snapshot: Reflection! review

DC Universe: Legacies #1

  DC Universe: Legacies # 1 - In the Beginning...; Snapshot: Reflection! is a comic book published by DC Comics & released on 7/ / 2010  : Well TB's It's nice  to see DC Comics , go back to their goldenage heroes, so far  this  has really good feel to it  and I hope you check it out . 


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    Plot & Action: Len Wein turns in a feature and back-up story. The back-up story is nothing to write home about, but the feature is pretty good. We essentially get a street kid's point of view to the rise of the mystery men to combat organized crime. It's an interesting take on the idea of the superhero, and I hope they continue with this angle of the normal person's point of view. Not only would it unify all these different eras and stories, but it would provide an interesting angle to see t...

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