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The 4-part miniseries by Phil Jimenez (OTHERWORLD, WONDER WOMAN), José Luis García-López (ON THE ROAD TO PERDITION) & George Pérez (NEW TEEN TITANS, WONDER WOMAN) continues! A cosmic commute to an otherworldly battleground brings the Teen Titans and the Outsiders face-to-face with their long- mourned friend Donna Troy. There's just one problem: She's not the Donna they remember!


The Teen Titans and the Outsiders go through space in a Travel sphere. They are sure that they are going to find Donna Troy and bring her back from death. Are they wrong? And if they are right, is Donna Troy a friend or an enemy? And what about the fight between Donna Troy and Athyns ?

On earth, Shift discovers a tiny sphere of a strange metal floating in the Outsiders headquarters. It needs the intervention of Starfire and Nightwing to stop it from destroying itself. In fact, the two long-time Titans recognize this item: An object created by the Titans of Myth in order to travel through space and called a travel-sphere. Starfire expresses her happiness: she is persuaded that the presence of this travel sphere is the proof that Donna Troy is alive. Soon after, 5 Outsiders ( Starfire, Nightwing, Shift, Jade, Green Arrow/Arsenal) invites some Titans ( Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven) to enter in the travel sphere.

The big team go through space faster than speed of light and land on Minosyss. They just have few minutes left before the Minosyss warriors ambush them. They rapidly retreat but the battle continues. Fortunately, Athyns (the one who send the travel sphere to them) stop the combatants but show them the sad reality: After his fight against Troia, he had to imprison the Titans’s friend. Their limbs bound by strong energy ropes, Troia looks at them with a face full of hate and anger. She is always under the influence of the Titans of Myth’s plot.

In New Chronus, the originals Titans argue to each other about Troia, Athyns and their plans. Coeus, deeply in love with Donna Troy, doesn't want to lose her but the others gods want the powerful weapon hidden in the planet. In one last hope, he unleashes his divine power and helps his love Troia to free herself.

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