wouldnt you wish it came back in the revamp

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i mean it was a fantastic series with endless possibilities to take on villains heroes distant timeline
it would be a really fresh comic to read

what do you guys think 
there are tons of garbage in the revamp perhaps this would be more decent
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Oh my god yes! What we really need also is a proper DC One Million Collected Edition(s). The one they have now is crap. Only includes the bare minimum of the story, causing the pacing to be utter shit. 
I'm working on collecting all the DC One Million issues. I've got 21/38. 
(Not including the 80-Page Giant, the 3 issues of Hourman, Booster Gold, or the recent Superman/Batman arc.)* 
*Although I do plan on getting the 80-Page giant and the issues of Hourman and already have the Booster Gold and Superman/Batman issues. 
Some of my favorite ones are the side stories that have nothing to do with the main plot. Martian Manhunter's was almost that. Arzael and Green Arrow were really interesting.

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