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DC One Million #2

The story pick up after  the original JLA left to go to the 853rd Century an just when they are gone the future Hourman 's systems malfunction an  released a nano-virus  that infect humans and machines which slowly make people crazy and they have to find a cure within 24 hours but through a misunderstanding everybody  is blaming  the future JL-A . At the same time of the released of the virus the city of Montevideo,Uruguay is attack by a nuclear bomb in a decommissioned Rocket Red armor with somebody in it , l won't say who but if you read the last issue you know who it is , that 's when Vandal Savage make his demand , he want the whole world to surrender to him but he didn't tell them his intend target wasn't not Montevideo but Washington D.C. but  it doesn't matter to him as long as he get what he want it . This also mark the first mention of Ultra Marine Corps we even get to see them in shadows but they make their appearance later after the mini-series is over  . l also enjoy seeing Big Barda and Steel going at  when Steel want to leave to and try to save his famliy and Big Barda wouldn't let him and threaten to crushed his hammer in one hand  if  he didn't get it out of her face Zauriel had to be the voice of reason ,well he's angel after all . One drawback l have is that the members of future JL-A seems to look down on the heroes of the past and they came off being arrogant but other than that  l give the book 4 stars
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