How Many Universes Are There In The DCU?

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In the DC Multiverse are there only 52 universes or are there only 52 known universes?

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To my knowledge originally there were an infinite number of universes but as of Infinite Crisis and 52 there are only 52.

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There are 52 universe and not all of them have been used. Or at least we haven't been told they have. We know some of them.
However, New Earth is classed as Earth-0, so Does that make it 53? Or 52?

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Earth 0-51, for a total of 52.  There is also Earth Prime, which may or may not be part of the 52.   If is not part of the 52, then there could be more Earths outside the multiverse.  We have to wait to find out, I guess.
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@Mutant God said:
" Infinite "
if you count Hypertime.
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There's like 55. 52 plus New Earth, Earth-Prime, and Earth-247. There's also the Anti-Matter Earth.

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so many! it gets confusing somtimes :/
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@TheMess1428: New Earth is included in the 52 (New Earth being Earth-0, the rest Earths 1-51), so is probably also Earth-Prime, it just hasn't been assigned a number.  Earth-247 was erased in Infinite Crisis, IIRC.
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@~The Wanderer~: They said in FINAL CRISIS: LEGION OF THREE WORLDS that Earth-Prime and Earth-247 were re-added along with the 52 Earths. So they're separate. And I though that Bizarro Earth was Earth-0 too?
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 New universes are created every second
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@Primmaster64: I don't think any DC writer wants to acknowledge the existence of Hypertime...
@TheMess1428: I got those issues.  Where exactly does it say that they're separate?

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@~The Wanderer~: Actually. I just re-read the page where it stated. Earth-Prime is in the 52 but Earth-247 is not. It's on page 24 of #5 in the trade. Not sure what page it is on in the single issue comic.
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@~The Wanderer~: What do you mean?
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@Primmaster64: 'Cause I think DC's official policy at the moment is that while there have been many alternate universes in the past, there are only 52 universes right now, and Hypertime would complicate that.
@TheMess1428: That sounds more accurate.  I do know that the Earth-247 Legionnaires don't currently have any home universe to go to, so it would make sense if it wasn't one of the 52.
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@~The Wanderer~: Hypertime Divegers from the main timeline.
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@~The Wanderer~: It's also listed on the concept page for the DC Multiverse.
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New 52 is unknown

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If it helps, here's my reading of the material. Earth-247 is explicitly destroyed, as of the Legion of Three Worlds (Final Crisis) story. It no longer exists. Hypertime is officially "not being used," but nobody said "it no longer exists." That said, there was a line in a (pre-52) Booster Gold issue about Booster pruning Hypertimelines (not to mention, the reference in the 52 story to Waverider being the "seer of Hypertime.") I'm not seeing Hypertime on the list that (...I think...) was referenced. So, either I got to the wrong list, or something has changed. The Legion story mentioned above said that Earth-Prime was re-created, but it never specified its relationship to the 52 universes. "New Earth" and "Earth 0" are now officially the same thing. (I think that Bizarro world is now Bizarro universe, and it may be Earth-29, nowadays.) What's interesting, and unresolved, is a statement that Dan Didio made around the time that the multiverse was returned. He said that each of the 52 has its own parallel dimensions, divergent timelines, and microverses. Presumably, this is still true. If Hypertime is also officially still around (even if it's not being used,) then there is no reason that a writer's imagination has to feel constrained. Anything's possible!

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Oh...and as of the release of the new "multiverse map," Earth-Prime is now officially Earth 33.

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@tgschermuly: That map is from The multiversity which occurs after final crisis, before the new short that map is a map of the pre 52 multiverse, post final crisis

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