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When Alexander Luthor assembled several different superheroes and attached them to the Anti-Monitor's corpse, he began to recreate the Multiverse that was destroyed in the Crisis on Infinite Earths. His goal was to find the "perfect" Earth, where he and his cohorts could live in peace.

"He split our Earth into thousands of divergent worlds, but the planets he manifested were unstable. Trapped in the Time-Stream, I watched worlds live and die -- until Conner Kent sacrificed his life to save our reality. The broken Earths collapsed back together, combining historical remnants to form one new Earth -- one far too small to contain the energy within it. In a cosmic act of self-preservation, as you just saw, it began replicating. Unknown to anyone, save myself, a new Multiverse was born in the wake of this crisis. 52 identical Earths in 52 identical cosmos." -- Rip Hunter to Booster Gold

When Mr. Mind discovered this new Multiverse, he planned to feed on its energies -- histories, time-space, intelligence -- until nothing was left. Rip Hunter, Booster Gold and his ancestor Daniel Carter set off to stop him. However, in their battle, the entire Multiverse was left changed. The previously identical 52 worlds were now all unique from one another. Currently only several have been documented.

Currently Documented Multiversal Worlds, Pre Flashpoint

EARTH-0 New Earth
The main and central DC Universe.
Mentioned several times, but as of yet unseen.
Please note the Earth One graphic novels do not take place on this Earth, or any currently numbered Earth.
The world of a new and unique Justice Society Infinity. The Kal-L of this world is missing. Visited by the New Earth Power Girl.
Based on the Pre-Crisis Earth-Three, this Earth is home to the Crime Society of America, a team of evil counterparts of the Justice Society of America. In this universe, all DC heroes are villains, and all DC villains are heroes.
This world appears to house classic Charleton brand comic characters, including Dan Garrett (the original Blue Beetle), and Captain Allen Adam, with added inspiration from Watchmen.
Home to a version of the Marvel Family more similar to the Golden Age incarnation. Similar to the Pre-Crisis Earth-S.
Ray Palmer is the Ray.
Courtney Whitmore is Starwoman.
Home of Lord Havok and the Extremists . Very similar to the Marvel Universe. Similar to the pre-Crisis world of Angor.
Home of the Tangent heroes. This Earth's history is radically different- the Atom accidentally causes a nuclear war in 1961, and Superman takes over the world later.
Home to Uncle Sam and his Freedom Fighters, who fight against the Nazis after the Nazis win World War II and take over the world. Also home to a Nazi Superman. Similar to the Pre-Crisis Earth-X.
Home of heroes with reversed genders. For example, Superwoman. Batwoman and Wonderman. The Superwoman and Batwoman of this Earth first appeared before the creation of the 52 in Superman/Batman. Its history reflects New Earth's, with only slight differences because of genders being reversed.
The setting of the DC Animated Universe, which currently continues in the Batman Beyond Universe comic book series.
World of dark and arcane heroes. Monarch destroyed this reality's United States of America.
Perhaps a perfect Earth with Zod as Superman and Jason Todd as Batman. Destroyed by Superboy-Prime.
Home of the Super Sons and the characters from the Young Justice animated series and comic books.
A devastated world home to the Atomic Knights. Similar to the original Atomic Knights stories.

A world where superheroes began in the Old West.

A world where superheroes such as Batman and the Blue Beetle fought crime in the Victoria era as seen in Gotham by Gaslight.
A world influenced by early 20th century pulp fiction. Home to a Doc Savage/ Dr. Fate pastiche named Doc Fate, as well as a version of the Bat-Man.
A world where superheroes where around in the 1950s. Vigilantism was outlawed in the 1950s before the heroes banded together to fight a sentient island, as seen in The New Frontier.
A world where Superman was exiled after Magog killed the Joker, leading a generation of violent anti-heroes to take over, as seen in Kingdom Come.
Home of Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew.
A world where Superman landed in the USSR instead of America, eventually becoming the premier of the USSR, as seen in Red Son.
Home to a violent Batman, a subservient Superman and more, as seen in the Dark Knight Returns and related titles. Frank Miller is the writer of pieces of work in this Earth. Batman: Year One also is the origin story for batman in Earth-0 (New Earth).
The Batman: Darkest Knight earth. Batman receives a Green Lantern Ring.
All the heroes are magic; including Oracle, Kal-El and Bat-Mage, and some heroic versions of villains, such as Weather Wizard and Shade.
A world where Wonder Woman was active in the Victorian Era and fought Jack the Ripper, as seen in Amazonia.
A world where Barbara Gordon became Batgirl in the 1960s and fought corrupt cops and a female Joker alongside Robin, as seen in Batman: Thrillkiller.
Captain Atom and the Atomic Knights.
Dan Garrett has the Blue Beetle Scarab armor.
A world where superheroes active in the 1940s worked for the US government and were active against the Nazis, as seen in JSA: The Liberty Files.
A world where Batman became a vampire and fought against them, as seen in the Red Rain series.

Doc Tornado and the Metal Men.

Forerunner's homeworld.
Firestorm has turned the sun red. Superman and Supergirl have to wear Superboy-Prime style armor to keep powers.
The Wildstorm Universe.
The Utopian society. This world was protected by Nix Uotan and destroyed in the battle between Monarch and Superman Prime . The New Gods immigrated here following the Final Crisis.
Home Of Superboy Prime . Revealed in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #5. Unlike Earth-2 that created duplicates of its lost inhabitants Earth Prime was missing Superboy Prime. May be part of the 52 but unrevealed so far.
Home to the planet of Qward, the Anti-Monitor and the Crime Syndicate of Amerika. On the Antimatter Earth, the Crime Syndicate rules with an iron fist, killing or imprisoning all those who endanger their rule. In the Antimatter Universe, evil will always triumph over good, as opposed to the positive-matter DC universe, in which the heroes usually win.
Both created and destroyed in Infinite Crisis. Home of the Post Zero Hour Legion of Super-Heroes who survived its destruction. Revealed in Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds #1

Pre-Crisis Multiversal Worlds

Before the Crisis on Infinite Earths, there were many (hence "infinite") versions of the Earth scattered throughout the Multiverse. The DC Multiverse first appeared in The Flash #123 when Barry Allen ( Flash) found himself in another universe that was separated from his own by being on a different vibrational frequency. This world came to be known as Earth-Two and was populated by the heroes of the "Golden Age" of comics (the 40's and 50's). After this, more worlds were found, and then even more, until finally DC decided it was time to put an end to the expansion of the Multiverse. As was mentioned before, the other worlds were destroyed during the Crisis, but here is a list of the known Earth's before they were lost.


Home of the Silver Age heroes, such as the Justice League of America.


Home to the Justice Society of America and the Golden Age heroes.


A world where the only super-powered beings were five villains called the Crime Syndicate of America. Later, a man named Alexander Luthor, Sr. rose as the world's only hero to combat the villains. Also the birthplace of Alex Luthor.


Home to characters originally from Charlton Comics, such as the Blue Beetle or Captain Atom.


Home to characters originally from Fawcett Publications, such as Captain Marvel.


Home to characters originally from Quality Comics, such as Plastic Man and Uncle Sam. The Nazis won World War II and were opposed by the heroes on this Earth.


A world with no superheroes. The Phantom Stranger transported Earth-1's Batman to this earth, where he inspired the Bruce Wayne of Earth-5 to become Batman.


A world where the Americans lost the Revolutionary War. Home to Lady Quark.


Home to Dark Angel.


A world home to Post-Crisis versions of heroes, such as Jason Rusch.


A world home to a man named Tin, possibly Tintin.


A humorous world home to the Inferior Five.


Home to purple butterflies. Nothing else is known about this Earth.


Home to a race of stone giants.


Two versions of this Earth existed. One was home to pre-Crisis stories of the New Gods after Jack Kirby left the title. The second was home to Overman and parodies of grim and gritty heroes. Overman killed this Earth after being infected with an STD.


An almost identical Earth to Earth-1. Earth-1's Hal Jordan shifted into this world and eventually named it Earth-32.


A world where the world was ravaged by nuclear war in the year 1986. Home to the Atomic Knights, OMAC and Hercules.


An artificial world created by Earth-1's Johnny Thunder where the heroes were replaced by his friends.


A fan name for a world where stories by Bob Haney in Brave and the Bold that don't fit into regular continuity take place.


Home to the Zoo Crew.

Earth-C Minus

Home to the Just'A Lotta Animals.


Home to racially diverse versions of the Justice League.


Fan name given to the Pariah's unnamed home world.

The New 52

Ever since the New 52, the exact state of the multiverse has been in question. The former Wildstorm Earth is now fused with Earth Prime, while Earth 2's past has been radically altered. Comments by Mister Terrific of Earth Two and The Phantom Stranger suggest that it may indeed be infinite again. Plans are currently in place to address this.

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