Who is the Most Iconic DC Female Character?

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Wonder Woman's often described as THE female superhero and I agree with that but when it comes to characters in general (hero, villain, regular citizens) I don't think she's the most iconic. imo Catwoman and Lois Lane are both more famous and iconic than her it probably helps that they're both associated with the 2 biggest superheroes ever but still.

So do you guys think Wonder Woman is the most iconic female in comics or even DC? If not who?

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Yes, definitely Wonder Woman. She's apart of the Trinity.

Lois Lane could be considered the most iconic in other terms.

Second most iconic character would be Power girl for her iconic-----/ :P

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Definitely Wonder Woman.
Lois Lane is not a superheroine, and Catwoman, as much as I like her, is not epic level character.

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Wonder Woman without a doubt. Wonder Woman is a recognizable character to people who live outside of the comics bubble, has had her own TV show and a recently aborted pilot for an updated version. Lois is a supporting character and as stated above, Catwoman is no more than a Batman opponent to many people.

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Wonder Woman, without a doubt.

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Are.....are you serious?

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@ApatheticAvenger said:

Wonder Woman, without a doubt.

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Wonder Woman easily, followed by Supergirl.

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I just wanna say that Catwoman have appearances in movies and cartoon series and comics.

I also think catwoman has the most number of appearances from DC when it comes to video games

Catwoman is also in the latest batman game which has sold more than 2 million copies and Catwoman will also be appearing in the upcoming Batman movie which will be shown WORLDWIDE.

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there's a difference between widely marketed and iconic 

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/end thread


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