Who is the fastest speedster?

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Who is the fastest speedster in the DC universe.

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Going to go with Barry Allen/Wally West.

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Wally. He has the feats and consistency.  
Sadly, he's not really canon any more, so the only option is Barry.

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Feat wise Wally's the fastest but isn't Bart stated to be faster?

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Definitely Wally West is the fastest due to being the embodiment of the Speed Force.

@AllStarSuperman: I think it was said that Bart had the potential of being the fastest but otherwise hasn't shown much feats.

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Who is the fastest speedster in the DC universe.


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@xxanimusx2016: holy crap! Two year bump. I've been around a while....

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Sonic the Hedgehog

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@bryndlenewman: Whenever you post in a thread on a forum, that gets "bumped" back up to the first page, it works like this so that interesting threads will stay at the top while other non interesting ones will get lost in the other pages. So when someone says "bump" it just means they're looking for more answers from other people, kind of like giving the thread another chance :)

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Alright makes sense. Thanks man, love the battle you made.

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Toon Force is more powerful than Flash


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Right Now Barry is basically the only option so him

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Wally was by far the fastest based off feats but I don't think they count anymore or are not considered canon. But some of his feats were totally awesome.

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I believe that while Barry was dead, Wally reached new heights in speed and was therefore the fastest ever at the time, but with Barry's resurrection in Final Crisis, he has since learned how to do everything and I'd say he's the fastest since he is the one who generates the Speed Force. He's certainly faster than Superman and can but usually chooses not to go faster than characters who travel at lightspeed, such as the Ray. Apparently it takes years for light to reach Earth from the sun, yet Green Lanterns can get to a whole nother space sector near instantaneously. I'm not at all sure on the science of that, or if there is any official explanation, but I'd assume that that is either some separate mode of travel other than speed, or that the Flash can go faster as well.

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@kilowog52: It takes 8 seconds for light to get from the Sun to Earth. The next nearest star, Alpha Centauri, is just under 4.5 light years from Earth, IIRC.

Green Lanterns don't travel that distance, they teleport. (If you watch Star Trek, think 'wormhole'.)

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@tyger: Oh. I see. But what is "IIRC"? And I know Green Lanterns don't use standard teleportation. Granted, their hyperspacial travel may be just as similar to teleportation as it is to regular movement. But I know I've seen the Green Lanterns enter this sort of other I-don't-know-what-to-call-it while they are traveling these distances, fly through it for several minutes, then exit really really far from where they entered. The Indigo Tribesmen, on the other hand, do teleport. And so did a deceased GL appropriately named Porter.

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Zoom should be the fastest.

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