Which DC Superheroines are the hottest?

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#1 Posted by Blazing Eagle (340 posts) - - Show Bio

Which DC Superheroines do you think is the Hottest?

Here are my FAV five

1.Black Canary

2.Wonder Woman

3.Power Girl


  1. Fire
#2 Posted by King Saturn (219150 posts) - - Show Bio
 1. Power Girl

 2. Vixen

 3. Black Canary

 4. Jade 
- just for kicks. lol
#3 Posted by Bardamu (30 posts) - - Show Bio

Power Girl without hesitation

#4 Posted by fesak (8501 posts) - - Show Bio

Oooh! New and exiting topic!

#5 Posted by Gottheit (3592 posts) - - Show Bio

There isn't much I go for at DC. I like the tv version of Starfire, and Raven. Let's see...Some renditions of Big Barda are pretty hot...hmm. Power Girl, just because if I was ever at sea, she'd keep me afloat...Crap. Most of my chubbies are raised at Marvel...

#6 Posted by Vance Astro (89666 posts) - - Show Bio
#7 Posted by Mighty Thorion (918 posts) - - Show Bio

Depends on the artist, but generally;

1. Black Canary

2. Zatanna

3. Supergirl

4. Scarlet Witch

5. Emma Frost

#8 Posted by Cosmic Sentinel (3733 posts) - - Show Bio
Fire makes you hotter, who knew?

Fire is hottest, because she's, well... on fire! I don't think any other DC heroines are on fire, so she wins. Starfire is runner up because her hair is on fire.
#9 Posted by Methos (40532 posts) - - Show Bio

oh like we haven't had a dozen of these threads before...

got to say it was fun at first, but after a while the 'hottie' threads get a bit boring...

go through Gambler's profile and find the original and best hottie thread


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