What story arcs would make great comic movies

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I would love to see the Sinestro Wars , Arkham Asylam , Death of Superman , and Court of Owls

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Red Son, more than anything else. If the Justice League film takes off well, then Throne of Atlantis as its sequel.

If (inevitably when) they make a new Batman movie, Court of Owls is a good way to avoid the origin story thing.

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Hush, but only after at least 4 other Batman movies to build up the characters.

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Hush, but only after at least 4 other Batman movies to biphild up the characters.

I would watch this as well.

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@marco_kidd: Hush would have to be the 3rd or 4th movie in a Batman film series in order to have already built up all the characters that were involved in the plot.

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the dark knight returns. at this point everyone knows bats origin (or god I hope they do I swear if they go in depth doing his origin in MoS2 i'ma pull my hair out) but seeing him as an old dude obsessed with the life would be awesome.

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Throne of Atlantis

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Court Of Owls, Blackest Night, The Lightning Saga

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I want a live action Justice League New Frontier

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Knightfall, Sinestro Corps War, Green Arrow: Year One, Superman: Red Son.

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I think death of superman would be an immense movie.

Ive just reread the knightfall arc. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant, would love that as a movie.

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Court Of Owls

Sinestro Wars

Rage Of The Red Lanterns

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Bruce Wayne: Fugutive/Murderer I could see being adapted well.

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Court of Owls


Red Son

and Blackest Night with part 1 and 2 after a JL movie (would be better so that it isn't crammed into one movie)

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Seems like everyone wants to see the Sinestro Wars

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All star Superman. That could be the comic book movie that gets the academy's attention. But only if it was directed by somebody like Steven Spielberg who is respected by the academy and knows the special effects or a dark knight returns set in the 80s with somebody like sorcesse or the coen brothers going really gritty and brutal.

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I'm not sure if this has a proper name but the wonder woman comics [from the 80's I think, maybe the early 90's] where Diana is replaced by Artemis by her mother only for Artemis to die and shortly after Diana because of her mothers interference. This would probably be best for animation though, but I would watch it constantly since it was the first comic I ever read.

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Knightfall would be great.

The whole 'Death Of Superman' 'World Without' and 'Return Of Superman' would be brilliant if done right.

Man Of Steel: Lex Luthor would be good too.

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Kingdom come

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