Tired of seeing the same Villains in Batman Movies?

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I saw all of the Christopher Nolan movies and I thought they were excellent. But I'm kinda tired of seeing the same villains being done in the movies. The only two new villains I saw were Scarecrow and Ras Al Ghul. They were great portrayals of the villains to. But I wanna see more. Joker has been done twice, Cat woman has been done twice, Two-Face has been done twice, and Bane has been done twice now and I wanna see a new villain do their bidding in a movie. I know penguin was done and so has Mr. freeze, Poison Ivy, and the Riddler. All great portrayals of the character, besides Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy they were God awful, but i'd just like to see more. Maybe seeing Black Mask or Deadshot would be cool. I'd also like to see The Riddler again. Anyone agree? leave your feed back and lemme know whats on your mind!

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I don't really mind seeing the same characters multiple times so long as each of their appearances is unique, well written, and entertaining. Sure, I'd like to see variety of characters get the spotlight but it's also nice to see a lot of the big star villains.

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@SupBatz: Definetly, I understand what you're saying.

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Yeah, I wouldn't mind seeing new villains, but I also don't mind seeing the old ones as long as they are done well, you can't really complain if the movie is good. Obviously, WB and DC want to make money so they might end up doing more famous villains since that's what gets the money flowing. I think Joker will be essential to most trilogies or sagas for Batman seeing as how he is the biggest arch nemesis of Batman. I would definitely like to see the Riddler though, if done well it would be pretty impressive.

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I understand where you're coming from on this because Batman has such a large rogue's gallery at this point that it's a shame we haven't seen more make it to screen (I was really hoping Nolan would use Hugo Strange). I would say though that while some of those names have recurred, they have often been handled quite differently. Take Bane. In Batman and Robin he is a brainless heavy and really only Bane in name in that movie. In that sense it doesn't feel like a retread in this most recent movie. I think it's also worth pointing out that there are some other villains who may not be super villains - the mob bosses in the Nolan pictures - and a certain character who turns up at the end of Rising, that are also new to film. That said though, I hope whatever happens to the franchise next doesn't just see a return to the familiar but brings another big name from the rogue's gallery to the big screen.

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Joker should always be in a Batman film series, but can be done differently enough it doesn't get boring

a decent riddler or penguin would be good to see though

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I want the riddler to be played by Leonardo Di Caprio. Babyface and Mrs Manface from the brave and the bold animated series can be good too.

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@uk2ga: Yes, i totally agree. But what other Villain would you like to see besides Hugo Strange?

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@tylerlugowski said:

@uk2ga: Yes, i totally agree. But what other Villain would you like to see besides Hugo Strange?

How about Clayface?

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@giovannile07: Clayface would be sweet. I think that would be a good idea and it would be a little different from what we are used to seeing in Batman movies. I would definitely go see it if he was in it.

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i think there should be more villains in future batman series however the joker should be in at least one and i would like to see more than one robin for example nightwing jason todd and the whole red hood saga

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I really want a serious Riddler. Carrey Riddler was just a goof with question marks, he doesn't count.

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@TheGRiZzLeR: Yes i agree, that would be awesome to see. O'Donnell didn't do justice to Robin at all.

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@Joygirl: Yes me too. Jim Carrey put a good spin to The Riddler but didn't really do him justice or really capture the essence of what The Riddler is. But yes, I totally agree with you.

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@tylerlugowski: I still think NPH needs to play him. Perfect blend of suave, flippant, smart, and I could see him pulling off the cocky, superior jackass thing.

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I could see a Hush film as like the third of a Trilogy that has other villains and a detective story that spans through the 3 until like Bruce Wayne gets framed for Murder at the end of the second and the Hunt for Hush is on.

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@Joygirl: Sorry but I'm not familiar with NPH? Who is that?

#17 Posted by tylerlugowski (123 posts) - - Show Bio

@TheCheeseStabber: Yeah that would be a cool story plot. I would like that.

#18 Posted by Joygirl (20851 posts) - - Show Bio

@tylerlugowski said:

@Joygirl: Sorry but I'm not familiar with NPH? Who is that?

Neil Patrick Harris

Only choice for Riddler.

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@Joygirl: Ohhh okay, i feel dumb now lol. But yeah, he would be a great Riddler. But do you think he could capture the dark and evil side of The Riddler?

#20 Posted by Joygirl (20851 posts) - - Show Bio

@tylerlugowski: Absolutely. Towards the end of even Dr. Horrible he had some really dark scenes. He encompasses every aspect of Riddler I'd want to see in a movie... he could be cruel and smart and funny and classy and cocky and vulnerable, all at once.

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@Joygirl: yeah, I agree. I really really wanna see The Riddler in a movie again. He is my favorite villain. I think he would play a great Riddler too.

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@Joygirl: NPH would be great I'd rather see him as Barry Allen. Warner Bros. wanted DiCaprio as The Riddler in TDKR but Nolan wanted Bane and not The Riddler. I would love to have seen The Riddler if TDKR had been the fourth film in the series but using him as the villain at the end of the trilogy would have been a mistake.

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I'd really like to see Black Mask in the upcoming Batman reboot.

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Neil Patrick would be perfect for riddler, but they should start a new double trilogy., where it chronically tells Batmans whole story, Jason Todd, to red hood, night wing. All the way to Damien.

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@Superbat420: That would be pretty cool. I'd love to see a Red Hood story line. I'd also love to see Robin done right too. Robin is one of my favorite heroes.

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If they do make another Batman film any time soon i don't think it will have the joker, because anything after heath ledger as joker is going to look like a sack of shit by comparison.

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Id love a really dark and horrorish Batman story with Killer Croc, that character has so much potential that just doesnt really get used enough.. Mr Freeze would be cool to see again aswell, but as the sad lonely man he is rather then comical Arnold.

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@Marco_Kidd: really? I disagree because Heath Ledger was a different kind of joker. The whole idea with the Christopher Nolan movies was to make it as realistic as possible. Heath ledger did a fantastic job as the joker dont get me wrong, but if they made a Batman movie more comic related the Heath Ledger joker wouldn't fit. Yanno? So really its not comparable. But I understand where you're coming from.

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@Bruxae: Yeah, Arnold was a terrible Mr. Freeze haha

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@tylerlugowski: Yeah but after Dark Knight if they made another film with joker and he's all goofy and cartoony, then it will just look like crap next to Heath Ledgers Joker even if they are very different styles.

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Joker is always going to be in the movies, so when Batman is inevitably rebooted again, you can expect to see the clown prince of crime. But as for new villains, I think Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, and Hugo Strage have the most potential.

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I'd love to see Riddler in another Batman film eventually... Hugo Strange, Killer Croc maybe and Deadshot would be interesting to see in action too.

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Joker is inevitable, but id like to see more fantastic characters like mr freeze, poison ivy and clayface

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Nolan's Catwoman and Joker were nothing like Burton's Catwoman and Joker(Nolans were much more faithful to the source material).

Nolan's Bane was nothing like the Schumacher retard.

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@Dracade102: Those are all good choices. I really hope to see one of them in the next Batman Trilogy.

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@Stormbox: Yeah, I'd also like to see Robin done right.

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Well this may sound nuts....

But I think a "modern" Anarchy done right could be off the charts good.

If you are looking for something more "mainstream" then I would suggest Hush as a great movie villain.

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