The Time Trapper that shows up in every issue of the new 52

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As I have been reading the New 52 line up, i have found myself playing where's Waldo searching for the Time Trapper. I have also seen her in Bruce Wayne Road Home : Ra's Al Ghul, before he went to go kill Vickie Vale. As i was reading Supergirl an interesting idea popped into my head; maybe there is more than one Time Trapper because as Supergirl was gaining her powers the Time Trapper is there and what she's hearing is from different chapters of The New 52. The one on the left is from Nightwing, the middle Justice League, and the right Birds of Prey. I'm wondering does this play some type of significance in the story or how it turns everything together. I want to hear everyone elses thought because i'm loving the New 52 so far

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why are you calling her Time one has said who or what she is

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Tis true, but it would make sense and i need something to call her other than pink lady

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