'The New 52' Second Wave Predictions

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So there's talk from Dc that there will be a follow up wave of titles after the initial 52. I'm wondering what series do you think they'll bring out or want them to bring out. Lets say 10 new ongoing series in the Second Wave (I don't know how many titles they'll go with but 10 seems like a good number)

My Predictions:

1. Red Robin - Come on. its Tim.

2. Shazam - Heard Didio promise this at a panel

3. Power Girl - Spins out of Mister Terrific?

4. T.h.u.n.d.e.r Agents - Said to come back

5. Star Girl - With Geoff Johns as one of the heads, this series is bound to come in some form or another

6. Black Bat - Same reasoning as Batwing, only with a popular character and not a new one

7. Shade the Changing Man - Wanted something to add to Dark

8. Zatanna - Same as above

9. Blood Syndicate - Personal request/Hope

10. Something so left field that it will make me go "WTF" - Seems to be a theme in the first wave

Attach creators to your predictions if you like.

Update: Men of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C., Hawk and Dove, Blackhawks and Static Shock are getting cancelled and are being replaced by Batman Incorporated, Earth 2, World's Finest, Dial H, G.I. Combat and The Ravagers for Wave 2


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Here are my predictions  

  1. Shazam/ Captain Marvel (Actually been promised) 
  2. T.H.U.N.D.E.R Agents (Already confirmed) 
  3. Power Girl 
  4. Doom Patrol!!!!!! (This better happen DC!)  
  5. Secret Six!!!!! (This also better happen DC!) 
  6. New Gods/ Multiversity 
  7. A Cassandra Can title! It needs to happen! 
  8. A Plastic Man book (personal request) 
  9. Challengers of the unknown? 
  10. Adam Strange 
  11. And maybe a wally west book, but knowing DC that will never happen. 
  12. The Atom with Jeff Lemire writing the book! (If DC want to be diverse, they should bring back Ryan Choi and make him the lead character!) 
  13. Shade the changing man....It might happen in future, but who knows?
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@Benzo: Yea, a Wally West book probably wont happen but it would be cool, I'm still wondering what they're going to do with the new Impulse.
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@Benzo: Man, Doom Patrol would be great. I'm thinking it won't happen though being they have never really been a big seller
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@Alch: Yeah I've been wondering about Impulse. I'm hoping it's Bart not Wally though. I don't get it with DC, they know that there is a huge fan base for Wally and there not doing anything with the character! 
@cattlebattle: If they actually want to start Doom Patrol up again, I think the book will be perfect for the 'Edge' and 'Dark' line of the relaunch. 
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I'm pretty sure all the other Speedsters will be included in the Speed Force book Geoff Johns has mentioned a time or two. Hopefully we'll see Jay at some point as well.
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I'm more interested about Multiversity than anything else. Have been for almost 2 years now...

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the ones i WANT to happen are 
1. Challengers of the Unknown (it has so much potential) 
2.Doom Patrol 
3. Shazam 
4 a Cassandra Cain title 
5 Huntress 
6. Secret Six 
7  Ravager (unless she appears in Deathstroke)

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Not prodictions, but hope:

  • Batman beyond
  • Shazam! / Cap. Marvel (the original)
  • a detective comic series which actully has mysteries and Detectives (no offense detective comics)
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If Secret Six comes back, and DC gives Huntress a book past the mini, I will be happy.
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  • Red Robin/ Nightwing Duo book. A lot of bantering please, so someone who can write Banter well. :P Maybe some Batgirl. No Regular Batman and Robin Appearances
  • A new team, ala "Titans" Something with Nightwing, Wally West (if he's still in one piece :P), Beast Boy, Power Girl, Jesse Quick and some other heroes of the like. Grown up but no Justice League.
  • Midnighter Solo.
  • Backlash, if he still exists from the merger, solo
  • Secret Six with Chesire, Cat Man, Deadshot... Maybe Boomerang Jr. but unlikely.
  • And yeah... Can't think of anything else... it is also somewhat in order of priority... :P
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On the Batman Beyond front, we've been informed of the inclusion of that book along with a Justice League Beyond and a Superman Beyond. 
My I Wish List: 
1. Secret Six 
2. Stargirl, or Society Girls, featuring Stargirl and a host of other young DC heroines 
3. Captain Marvel 
4. Speed Force 
5. Red Robin 
6. Lois Lane 
7. The Joker written by Paul Cornell 
8. Ghost Detectives (Okay, that ship has sailed, but...) 
9. New Iteration of Gotham Central 
10. A team book featuring Gypsy, Detective Chimp, Miss Martian and Krypto 
11. Superboy Prime Does Dallas 
12. Phantom Stranger 
 13. Justice Society of America 
One or two of those might have been a joke. If SPDD becomes a Vertigo reality, I want concept credit. 
Now, I think DC is right in letting a few of these have some breathing time off... but it would be good to have a confirmation that one or two of these will be returning, even if not in November or December...  
Edit: Oh my gosh, meant to totally thumbs up the Midnighter solo idea.

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1. Shazam/Cpt Marvel 
2. Cassandra Cain title 
3. Something with Raven, Beast Boy, Jericho and the other titans that seem to have been left out in the cold 
4. Justice Society (just with not as many members as before) 
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@Benzo: I'm pretty sure Lee said that Choi's in the JLA.
I have only one pick and that's gonna be a Robin book starring Damian with Bryan Q. Miller as the writer and Dustin Nguyen doing the art.
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Update: Men of War, Mister Terrific, O.M.A.C., Hawk and Dove, Blackhawks and Static Shock are getting cancelled and are being replaced by Batman Incorporated, Earth 2, World's Finest, Dial H, G.I. Combat and The Ravagers for Wave 2

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The thing that interests me the most here is the fact that Batman Incorporated isn't a mini-series. It's almost as if DC wants it to be an on-going! I'm all for that, but they made it seem it would be a limited run when it came back.

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