Semi-Official Creepy Purple Lady Watch Thread

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So now we're in the post-Flashpoint DCU, and one of the very first mysteries is who is this woman?

See if seen by Wally West when he's jetting through the timestream, and more or less takes responsibility for uniting the "Three Worlds" (DCU, Wildstorm, and a handful of Vertigo books I guess we were suppose to assume were a shared universe) into one. Her identity is not revealed, nor her intentions. What HAS been revealed, however, is that she is not going anywhere.

Check out this panel from Justice League:

As you can clearly see, there is the unnamed creepy purple cloak lady in the far right of the panel, checking out Vic Sage's football domination. And that isn't her last appearance, as she's already been revealed to have a sneaky cameo in the upcoming first issue of Animal Man:

So yeah. Creepy purple lady is popping up and peeping in on everyone. The rumor is that she will be at least making these subtle-Uatu-like appearances in all the first issues of the new 52. Thus, I decided to make a comprehensive list of all Creepy Purple sightings for the new books, and list them all here. Maybe we'll even learn her name in the process!

Here is the well-publisized New 52 release schedule for September, with added Purple Lady appearances as they are spotted.

August 31:

Flashpoint #5: Pages 24-25, Centerfold (heh) of the double-page spread into the DCnU, pictured above. First appearance, unless/until it is revealed this is an existing character.

Justice League #1: Page 18, Panel 3 (4? The layout is Jim Lee overlapping, so hard to really count chronologically), pictured above.

September 7:Action Comics #1: Page 26, Panel 3 Riding on the bullet train

Animal Man #1: Page 12, Panel 2 Pictured above, in the hospital

Batgirl #1: Page 19, Panel 5. Caught in reflection of window.

Batwing #1: Page 17, Panel 1 In the parking lot of the Tinasha Police Department

Detective Comics #1: Page 15, Panel 5. Among the crowd outside an explosion

Green Arrow #1: Page 8, Panel 1. Hanging out on the party boat.

Hawk and Dove #1: Page 19, Panel 1 By the reflecting pool

Justice League International #1:Page 8, Panel 1 Among the protestors

Men of War #1: Page 17, Panel 4 Onlooking as chaos breaks out

O.M.A.C. #1: Page 6, Panel 4. Among the crowd outside Cadmus.

Static Shock #1: Page 15, Panel 1. Peeping in on the Hawkins family.

Stormwatch #1: Page 15, Panel 1 Watching Apollo

Swamp Thing #1: Page 5, Panel 3. Watching Alec Holland hauling wood

September 14:

Batman and Robin #1:

Batwoman #1

Deathstroke #1

Demon Knights #1

Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. #1:

Green Lantern #1:

Grifter #1:

Legion Lost #1:

Mister Terrific #1:

Red Lanterns #1:

Resurrection Man #1:

Suicide Squad #1:

Superboy #1:

September 21:

Batman #1:

Birds of Prey #1:

Blue Beetle #1:

Captain Atom #1:

Catwoman #1:

DC Universe Presents #1:

Green Lantern Corps. #1:

Legion of Super-Heroes #1:

Nightwing #1:

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1:

Supergirl #1:

Wonder Woman #1:

September 28:

All-Star Western #1:

Aquaman #1:

Batman: The Dark Knight #1:

Blackhawks #1:

The Flash #1:

The Fury of Firestorm #1:

Green Lantern: New Guardians #1:

I, Vampire #1:

Justice League Dark #1:

The Savage Hawkman #1:

Superman #1:

Teen Titans #1:

Voodoo #1:

Also, feel free to use this thread as a place to speculate on who the creepy purple lady is, and what her larger role in the new DC Universe could be. I will update the list when the new books come out and we have confirmed appearances; there are a few rumored pages floating around, but I'd rather see final art, because things always change.

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Looks like the Pre-Crisis character Destiny.
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Oh snaps! That's pretty cool. I kind of want to the the other 32 comics I wasn't already going to be getting now=P <<<not joking

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Finally got around to adding our mysterious lass' first week of appearances.

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Wow, these are some good artists if they can make a glowing purple woman blend into the background so easily that I need someone to point her out to me.

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@HubrisRanger: did anyone notice her in Batman #2 of the New 52 (see page 20)? I haven't read all of the others yet but I did not see her in any other #2s.

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