Saddest DC death?

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Posted by Stealth_Robin16 (11 posts) - - Show Bio

A lot of people have died in the history of DC Comics, but which one was the saddest? Personally, I think it's either Superman or Jason Todd (yes, I hate him too, but his death was actually really sad!)
#1 Posted by Son_of_Magnus (15258 posts) - - Show Bio

Tim Drake's father

#2 Posted by Edamame (28292 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman. Especially since he is such a benevolent person, as I recall. 

#3 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29510 posts) - - Show Bio

I never really bothered to ask before, but why did everyone hate Jason Todd so much? xD

#4 Posted by Sexy Merc (42076 posts) - - Show Bio

Too many to name. Superman definitely, Martian Manhunter, especially the funeral where Batman put an Oreo cookie on his coffin. Hal Jordan too etc.

#5 Posted by EisforExtinction (1909 posts) - - Show Bio

The original Question.

#6 Posted by warlock360 (28063 posts) - - Show Bio

Jason Todd / Martian Manhunter, i tend to MM.

#7 Posted by bildar76 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman probably.  It made my cousin cry for weeks.  Then I would have to go with Ted Kord.

#8 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (19714 posts) - - Show Bio

It really saddened me when Vic didn't make it to Nanba Parbat

#9 Posted by ironshadow (1470 posts) - - Show Bio

Bart Allen, Ted Kord, Martian.

#10 Posted by TheJuggernautpunch (6133 posts) - - Show Bio
The Death of Superman.
#11 Posted by Bearded Justice (751 posts) - - Show Bio

Ted Kord. 
#12 Posted by Portrait (4485 posts) - - Show Bio

Ted Kord. >cries<

#13 Posted by Zniperking (281 posts) - - Show Bio

I say superboy

#14 Posted by joshmightbe (24939 posts) - - Show Bio

i thought rorshac's death was pretty sad he died for being the only one who wouldnt let mass murder go unpunished

#15 Posted by Harlekin (682 posts) - - Show Bio

Blue Beetle/Ted Kord

Blue your my boy!

#16 Posted by Treason (228 posts) - - Show Bio

all those unnamed characters that appear for one panel and then die, why do they die when you dont even know then :(
#17 Posted by superboy12 (255 posts) - - Show Bio

bart allen or conner kent
#18 Posted by Fortanono (4889 posts) - - Show Bio

Either Barry Allen Or Superboy. 

#19 Posted by MrMiracle77 (1659 posts) - - Show Bio

Superman's death never really bothered me that much.  Honestly, who didn't know he was going to come back sooner or later?  They did a good job of making it a somber occasion, but the death didn't really bother me.
What really bothered me was Stephanie Brown.  Yes, I realize now that her death was faked.  But at the time it was really disturbingly sad.  Here's a girl who never quite got up to par with the rest of Batman's crew, but still tried desperately hard.  Maybe she just got her start a little late in life.  She tries to pull off a plan that's too big for her, gets tortured by Black Mask, and is left to die on a cold metal table simply because her doctor wanted to teach Batman a lesson.  I really did feel bad for her.

#20 Posted by Shanana (53113 posts) - - Show Bio

Pre-crises Supergirl V_V shocking!

#21 Posted by reaper2923 (2778 posts) - - Show Bio


#22 Posted by Caligula (12417 posts) - - Show Bio

Martian Manhunter, or Black Hand's suicide

#23 Posted by TheJuggernautpunch (6133 posts) - - Show Bio

Barry Allen ? When he died at the Anti-Monitor's ship ?

#24 Posted by The_Martian (36984 posts) - - Show Bio

I would say Barry Allen.

#25 Posted by doordoor123 (3721 posts) - - Show Bio

Thomas and Martha Wayne. =(
AND Barbra Gordon, but she survived. She got shot and i thought she was dead. It saddened me.
Now shes the oracle so its aiight i guess.
But she was the best Batgirl.

#26 Posted by ~The Wanderer~ (34406 posts) - - Show Bio

Kara Zor-El, Superman, Ted Kord, Superboy, Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

#27 Posted by EisforExtinction (1909 posts) - - Show Bio
@EisforExtinction said:
" The original Question. "
#28 Edited by PowerHerc (85100 posts) - - Show Bio

Supergirl in Crisis on Infinite Earths back in the '80s.  Seeing her go down fighting to save Superman and his reaction to her death really touched me.  Having seen her throughout so many storylines over so many years grow from being a sweet girl to a fine young lady, then to see her die (even so heroically ) was so sad.  I also recall my then 7-year-old little sister seeing the cover to the issue she died in and asking me what had happened.  After I went through the comic showing and explaining what had occured she cried and cried.  I had no idea Supergirl meant that much to her.  Writing this now takes me back.  I'm glad DC brought her back, but that doesn't lessen how sad her death was to me at that time.    

#29 Posted by Strafe Prower (11887 posts) - - Show Bio

Martian Manhunter or the Terra that Black Adam put his hand through.
#30 Posted by goatman2112 (68 posts) - - Show Bio

Gonna say Supergirl from the COIE. the heroism she showed. Also Lian Harper. Sad

#31 Posted by Jean_Luc_LeBeau (84698 posts) - - Show Bio

Hawkman and Hawkgirl in Blackest Night was pretty good.

#32 Posted by Bubbly Bunny (74 posts) - - Show Bio

Death of Pre-Crisis Supergirl that was  shocker her death was written very well and the cover of her death is one of the most iconic comic book covers ever. Silver Age Kara was fun, sweet, smart and tough. Silver Age Kara was amazing and dying for her cousin only made her death more important. Damn reboot.

#33 Posted by Benzo (621 posts) - - Show Bio

Vic Sage(the original Question) :'(

#34 Posted by geraldthesloth (33313 posts) - - Show Bio

Vic Sage/Ted Kord.

#35 Edited by Supreme Marvel (11267 posts) - - Show Bio
  1. Sue Dibney
  2. Bart Allen
  3. Superboy
  4. Kyle Rayner I know he came back the next issue, but come on I almost cried
  5. Tim Drake's Father
  6. Martian Manhunter
  7. Superman it would have affected me more if I red it back then
Had to take Jimmy off...
#36 Posted by squiresmadnessmachine (303 posts) - - Show Bio

barry allen, hal jordan after that ted kord
#37 Posted by Jake Fury (18934 posts) - - Show Bio

Sue Dibny or the pre-crisis Supergirl.
#38 Posted by FadeToBlackBolt (23334 posts) - - Show Bio

Superboy. His death scene was amazing, particularly if you read Teen Titans Annual #1 before.

#39 Posted by Nighthunter (28582 posts) - - Show Bio

Martian Manhunter

#40 Posted by Zoom (14668 posts) - - Show Bio

/end thread
#41 Posted by The Sadhu (853 posts) - - Show Bio

Martian Manhunter... the funeral was especially moving. When Batman placed the Oreo cookie on the casket... I was truely moved!
#42 Posted by Zoom (14668 posts) - - Show Bio
#43 Posted by extrememage (184 posts) - - Show Bio

pre crisis supergirl, superboy, blue beetle and bart allen
#44 Posted by karrob (4280 posts) - - Show Bio
@Son_of_Magnus said:
" Tim Drake's father "
#45 Posted by MarkPar (87 posts) - - Show Bio

How bout Batman's death that was the most shocking for me Jason Todd and Martian Manhuanter

#46 Posted by transportive (28 posts) - - Show Bio

 Jack Drake, The Question, Stephanie Brown (even if it was retconned as faked), Superboy, Sue Dibny. No particular order, just some of the deaths that jumped out at me when I read them.

#47 Posted by TheCrowbar (4286 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Sadhu said:
" Martian Manhunter... the funeral was especially moving. When Batman placed the Oreo cookie on the casket... I was truely moved! "
This! I was so sad about that too! He was the soul of the Justice League.
#48 Posted by Primmaster64 (21138 posts) - - Show Bio


#49 Posted by StarKiller809 (1239 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Superman's death was pretty sad, but it wasn't so sad because they already said that they were going to bring him back. If your going to kill a character, don't say your going to bring him back until he has actually died...
#50 Posted by John Valentine (16313 posts) - - Show Bio

Jason Todd. He was just a boy. An arrogant, naive boy who met his end at the weapon of a madman.

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