Rotworld crossover, only reading Animal Man?

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Will I be fine only reading Animal Man? AM 12 is the first one I bought, and I borrowed AM1 before. Now I'm wondering if I'll have to buy swamp thing which I'm not interested in... I only ask as a 17 year old who's trying to keep his pennies and not go buying more than 5 comics a month.

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@Citrus: Swamp Thing 12 is the direct successor to Animal Man 12. The story continues from AM12 to ST12. However, for the next couple issues, each will be separate. I think the final issue of the of crossover will be like 12 where half is told in one and half in the other . . . not 100% sure though. The only major thing that happened in ST12 was that after they entered the Rot , Arcane (the avatar of the Rot) told them that since they had entered the portal, a year had passed in the real world and then ST and AM fell into separate places in the world that is a year into the future and the Rot has taken over. That is where the 13th issue will start for each character in their individual books. If you get the extra money or know someone with the books, each of these stories are fantastic.

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Thanks man, I really appreciate it, and now I'm even more pumped for the event :D

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