pushing aside the modern age for the silver age?

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I've noticed DC has been pushing away some of their modern age characters by killing them or  pushing them away to bring back the silver age characters..
 Most of this has been used by Geoff Johns (who I have no problem with)
but we had Linda Danvers who was tossed out for Kara Zor-El
Wally West who has been pushed aside for Barry Allen

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I'm sure certain people will be back. 

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@King Quisling: It' seems like they're just getting shoved aside.
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Nothing new, DC has been trying to bring back the silver age for some time now. Just look at all the things happening in the Superman books. Brainiac, legion of superheroes, Kandor and so on. Some of it I approve, some of it is just as lame as it was back then, but the silver age seems to be here to stay.

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I don't really see a problem with a lot of it. I just got into comics a year ago so it's kind of like I'm jumping into a new reader friendly Universe. I like a lot of things going on too, I like Hal Jordan, Barry seems a bit plain but he was awesome in BN4, and him coming back opens up possibilities for new stories. I'm just happy they're not rebooting the entire Universe again.

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@geraldthesloth: I'm sure it's just temporary. Hawkman & Hawkgirl are no longer BL's so they're bound to be reincarnated anew. Then there's some newer characters that have been killed off who I think will be revived at the end of Blackest Night.  

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