Parents Outraged Over "Batman" Comic

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This is quite an outrage for Batman but I mean Watchmen's great and I read it although it can be kindof profane at times but I think they are making too big a fuss over one comic plus there is wors things out there in the world besides comics I haven't red it though but from what I saw this comic dosn't look appopriate for children. This isn't appropriate either but Watchmen is still a cool comic.

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I got an idea! One it's Batman. Batman is about the ugly side of human nature, the morbid side of it. It's all about the diease that ripples through us all. About our inner demons. Now why didn't the parents preview the comic book before hand? I took a comic book to the beach with me. I had two toddlers with me and my family,  Of course, i went a head and looked at pages and what they contained ever the older when asked me to read it to him. Lucky it was Wolverine collection and Power Pack was part of it. SO he got one story. I wouldn't show him a blood and guts battles of Logan and Sabretooth or of Batman. Some characters are too old for certain age groups. Parents need to be parents and review things before they just give them to their kids. If it's not what they think is suitable, than don't buy it. Common Sense.
Now from seeing the image I can see some suggsetion but not a lot. There is a different between Nude and Naked. The Scene in that complete Nude. They are not after sexaul needs, they are after a notebook. The startled people are went from naked to Nude, their thoughts have changed. 
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Will a rating system really help? People are always bitching about video games, and they use a rating system that should be even easier to understand than Marvel's. But for some reason, some people just can't understand it. Hell, there are people who still don't understand the MPAA's rating system, and that's been around for a long time.

Try as they might, it's going to be very difficult trying to get parents to understand.

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@Incredible Hulk-Prime said:

"@Babs: I agree DC should make a rating system on  their comics like Marvel does. "

DC still uses the CCA system, it was on an issue of green lantern

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It always amazes me when parents blame cartoons, games and movies of influencing their kids. For me it raises a question in my head: Why they let games and movies grow their kids, why don't they grow the kids themselves.

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i Think it would be a good idea for DC to folow suit with a specific rating system, just because it would give writers and artists a bit more creative freedom.   
marvel have two series for the punisher: Teen plus and max. I think the same could very well be applied to titles like Batman.   
  id love to see a max line for Batman and Vigilante.   
As for the parents, id say theyll still make a fuss, but at least DC will be giving them less ammunition.

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